Ready Player Two
by Cline, Ernest

"A 1980s cultural assessment of the fantastical future of online behavior continues the story that began in the internationally best-selling futuristic novel, Ready Player One, that inspired a blockbuster Steven Spielberg film"-

Ernest Cline is a #1 New York Times bestselling novelist, screenwriter, father, and full-time geek. He is the author of the novels Ready Player One and Armada and co-screenwriter of the film adaptation of Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg. His books have been published in over fifty countries and have spent more than 100 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his family, a time-traveling DeLorean, and a large collection of classic video games.

The planet remains a dismal place, but for most of humanity, the computer-generated world of OASIS offers a refuge from reality's harshness. Having won Halliday's Easter Egg hunt at the end of Ready Player One (2011), Wade Watts has everything he ever wanted: fame, fortune, and friends. A few days later, an avatar of his idol James Halliday appears, giving Wade a powerful new device, one that can change the world for good-or make things even worse. Wade "only" has to decide if humanity is ready for the new technology. He chooses to release it, and shortly afterwards a mysterious new riddle is announced, one that only Halliday's heir can solve. As in the previous book, there are plenty of 1980s pop culture references including a hilarious visit to the films of John Hughes and a mad race through a world devoted to Prince. Cline's fans will enjoy revisiting old friends and meeting new ones as they go on a whirlwind trip through a fantastic new virtual quest to save the world. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

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