Washington Decree
by Adler-Olsen, Jussi; Schein, Steve (TRN)

Doggie, a dedicated advisor who has spent more than half her life supporting a remarkable Democratic candidate's path to the White House, is shattered when the President-elect's wife is assassinated on election night by Doggie's Republican father.

Jussi Adler-Olsen is Denmark's #1 crime writer and a New York Times bestselling author. His books routinely top the bestseller lists in Europe and have sold more than fifteen million copies around the world. His many prestigious Nordic crime-writing awards include the Glass Key Award, also won by Henning Mankell, Jo Nesbø, Stieg Larsson, and Peter Høeg.

Six people-Dorothy "Doggie" Rogers, Wesley Barefoot, Rosalie Lee, Sheriff T. Perkins, journalist John Bugatti, and Virginia U.S. Senator Bruce Jansen-are bound forever when they witness the assassination of Jansen's wife during a goodwill trip to China. Fifteen years later, Doggie and Wesley are dedicated workers on Jansen's victorious presidential campaign. But, on election night, instead of cheering Jansen's acceptance speech, they witness the assassinations of his second wife and unborn child. Doggie's father, a vocal critic of Jansen, is arrested for masterminding the assassination. Now the president, Jansen responds with a law-and-order agenda: executive orders that declare a state of emergency, invoke FEMA's broad domestic powers, and rescind constitutional rights on everything from free speech to bearing arms. When America's militias turn against the government, Jansen finds justification to execute political opponents and wield autocratic control. Adler-Olsen weaves a thought-provoking dystopia through the experiences of Jansen's inner circle: Doggie and T. Perkins, risking death to implicate a powerful enemy in the assassination; Wesley, forced to remain Jansen's press secretary or face death; Bugatti, hunted while documenting the government's abuses; and, Rosalie, who clings to the hope that Jansen's measures will save her sons from a life of crime. A hauntingly timely political thriller, flawed only in that its conclusion shifts despotic chaos into an idealized democratic rebirth too neatly. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

The creator of Denmark's Department Q, that unforgettable squad of misfit detectives (The Scarred Woman, 2017, etc.), jumps the pond in this ambitious, paranoid fantasy of how quickly things can go wrong in the hands of an American president who's determined to take a strong stand against threats of violence. Sixteen years after Virginia governor Bruce Jansen's first wife, Caroll, was stabbed to death during a very public moment on a visit to China, his successful run for the presidency comes to the worst possible climax when his second wife, Mimi Todd Jansen, is gunned down, perhaps in his stead, on election night. Deeply shaken by the first death, Jansen is so traumatized by the second that observers wonder whether he'll take the oath of office or resign in favor of Vice President-elect Michael K. Lerner. As it turns out, Jansen not only assumes, but transforms the office, using agencies and executive orders already in place to step up surveillance on his fellow citizens, u nplug the internet, defang or shutter critical journalistic outlets, and ban first ammunition, then guns from private ownership. Members of paramilitary militias like Moonie Quale predictably go ballistic, but members of Jansen's cabinet, many of them touched by personal violence against their loved ones, overwhelmingly support him. So far the scenario recalls that of It Can't Happen Here, Sinclair Lewis' classic 1935 novel of homegrown American fascism. Adler-Olsen's complication is his decision to focus not on a single American oppressed and powerfully radicalized by the new regime but by an oddly assorted group—journalist John Bugatti, presidential press secretary Wesley Barefoot, Sheriff T. Perkins, and staff attorney Dorothy "Doggie" Rogers, whose father is convicted of arranging Mimi Todd Jansen's murder—who were all present on that fateful day in Beijing. Despite a disturbing and all-too-plausible concept duly supported by an appendix listing real-life exe c utive orders ripe for tyrannical misuse, this nightmare gradually turns into a standard-issue lots-of-good-guys-versus-even-more-bad-guys scenario populated by characters you'll hardly miss when they're killed, as so many of them are. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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