When We Were Young
by Kingsbury, Karen

When Noah Carter wakes up the morning he has planned to start a new life and leave his family behind, he discovers things are not what they seem and desperately tries to fix his mistakes.

Noah and Emily Carter's viral social-media handle #WhenWeWereYoung gives millions of followers a front-row seat to their home, marriage, and faith. But after seven years of posting their picture-perfect life, Emily is done. Done watching Noah ignore his family and dote on flirtatious fans; done staging their private life for profit; done pretending they are anything like when they were young. Divorce seems imminent, but the night before Noah is set to move out, he gets a glimpse of the future and comes face to face with the consequences his decision will have on the entire family. ?Kingsbury (To the Moon and Back?, 2018) builds on her best-selling Baxter family saga and confronts the risks social media can bring to marriage. With her signature empathic style, Kingsbury depicts the deep emotional complexity of navigating relationships in an image-obsessed digital era and captures the joyful essence of being wholly present for real life. Fans will applaud her convicted stance on social media, marriage, and divorce, and new readers will appreciate her unapologetic approach to a challenging topic. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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