Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating
by Lauren, Christina

When her high-energy eccentricity and outspoken personality scare off most guys, Hazel begins a friends-with-benefits relationship with her heartbroken college friend while orchestrating increasingly terrible double blind dates. By the best-selling authors of the Wild Seasons series. Original.

Hazel Bradford knows that she's awkward, tends to take her shirt off when she drinks too much, and has zero tact. Case in point: she first meets Josh Im at a college party when she vomits on his shoes. In college, Hazel worshiped him from afar, even sending him an embarrassing email while drugged up on painkillers after dental surgery. Ten years later, they meet at her best friend Emily's dinner party, where Hazel learns that Josh and Emily are brother and sister. It is there that Hazel makes it her life's mission to be Josh's best friend. Lauren (Love and Other Words, 2018) has penned a hilariously zany and heartfelt novel. From double blind dates gone all kinds of wrong to Hazel and Josh missing what is happening right before each others' eyes, this book will have readers laughing at Hazel's crass, inappropriate comments coupled with Josh's secret enjoyment of her just as she is. There's a twist in the usual romcom plot, and the story is sure to please readers looking for a fun-filled novel to escape everyday life with. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

Insisting that they're not a couple, two best friends try to help each other find love. Hazel Bradford and Josh Im first met in college, and it was not love at first sight. Seven years later, they're reunited when Hazel ends up teaching at Josh's sister's school. Josh is already in a relationship, and it's no surprise to Hazel that she's still single. Her high-energy quirkiness is not for everyone, and it's definitely not for a nice, normal guy like Josh—or so she thinks. Despite their mutual attraction, they agree to be just friends. After Josh's relationship falls apart, Hazel takes him on a series of blind double dates to help them both get back in the game. Meanwhile, Hazel's apartment floods, and Josh agrees to take her in. The dates—eight altogether, all of them bad—fly by in a blur of awkward conversations and uncomfortable reunions with exes. Really, they're excuses for Hazel and Josh to flirt without the risk. They're in love, but they're not ready to admit it just yet. Josh's mellow vibe balances Hazel's electric personality to great effect. "Does it make sense that I put my vases in the oven when it's not in use, so that my parrot doesn't knock them over?" she asks herself. "These are things other people might question—but not Josh." Hazel thinks she's undatable, but Josh thinks she's hilarious, and she proves him right on each failed double date. With exuberant humor and unforgettable characters, this romantic comedy is a standout. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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