You Were Always Mine
by Baart, Nicole

Jessica Chamberlain, a single mother living in a small Iowa town, faces a web of lies when a tragic death in another state leads her to clues that suggest her estranged husband has been in contact with the biological mother of her adopted son, Gabriel.

Jessica Chamberlain, the recently separated mother of two, never expected a call from the Scott County, Minnesota, Sheriff's Department. Auburn, Iowa, is a pretty small town, and she doesn't know anyone in Minnesota. Her husband, Evan, must have, though. His body has been found in the woods with injuries from a car accident and a fatal round of buckshot in his back. As Jessica pieces together the mystery of Evan's final days, she uncovers layers of deceit. Evan was a kind man, but it seems he'd been keeping things from her for years. When she realizes that his biggest secret has to do with her adopted son, she won't rest until she knows everything. Writing in the vein of Liane Moriarty, Kimberly Belle, and Mary Kubica, Baart explores the toughest questions around motherhood, marriage, and the secrets we keep. Baart lets her protagonist be messy, paranoid, and frustrating, allowing new discoveries to come with surprising costs. Although the novel could benefit from tighter pacing, plenty of twists and turns propel the story forward. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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