Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
by Graves, Sarah

Opening a waterfront bakery in a coastal Maine fishing village, Jake Tiptree and her best friend, Ellie, find their summer launch complicated by an unseasonal hurricane that strands her family away from home and renders her a suspect in the murder of a corrupt health inspector. By the best-selling author of the Home Repair Is Homicide series.

Sarah Graves lives in Eastport, Maine, in a 200-year-old house much like Jake Tiptree’s. After 20 years of home repair – and yes, it really does make you think about murder! – she has handed in her toolbox and returned to her first love: chocolate. When she’s not cooking or baking something delectable, or writing about it, she tends a huge garden or shovels snow, depending upon the season.

Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree and her good friend and partner, Ellie White, own and operate Chocolate Moose, a chocolate-themed bakery in Eastport, located on an island just off the coast of Maine. As the two are gearing up to bake multiple chocolate-cherry cheesecakes for the upcoming July fourth Coast Guard auction, Jake finds the disagreeable Matt Muldoon headfirst in a melting pot of chocolate, quite dead. Muldoon had been threatening the two with a visit from his friends at the health department, especially angering Ellie, who is now the chief suspect in his murder. With a major hurricane whirling toward Eastport, an ailing father, and Jake's son incommunicado, Jake and Ellie investigate to find the real killer before Ellie is arrested. Sympathetic characters, effective plot twists, a vividly described small-town Maine setting, and the baking frame add to this satisfying cozy that will appeal to fans of Joanne Fluke and Diane Mott Davidson (for the baking details) and Leslie Meier (for the Maine setting). Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

Jacobia Tiptree (Knockdown, 2011, etc.) is back with a new job in a new location but the same old nose for murder.Trading in her hammer for a spatula, Jake and her best friend, Ellie White, have opened a spanking new shop on the main drag of Eastport, Maine. Just next door to Second Hand Rose, a resale shop run by always-trendy Miss Halligan, the Chocolate Moose has been a success since the day Jake and Ellie hung their big wooden sign out front. Even the discovery of cranky Matt Muldoon face down in a vat of melted chocolate does little to stem the tide of customers. Jake and Ellie move temporarily to the kitchen of her massive old Victorian while police chief Bob Arnold checks the Moose for clues, much to the annoyance of Jake's stepmom, Bella Diamond, who's afraid all that baking will mess up her sparkling clean counters. So as soon as the crime scene tape comes off, they plunge back in. After all, they've promised to create a dozen of their signature chocolate cherry chee secakes to donate to the town's Fourth of July auction, held each year to pay for the fireworks. And even though it's not certain that there will be fireworks, since a hurricane sits poised for a direct hit on Eastport, Jake and Ellie want to keep busy, because Bob's made it clear that as soon as the fundraiser is over, he's ready to arrest Ellie for Muldoon's murder. As her handywoman heroine reinvents herself in chocolate, Graves adds enough physical danger to her comfy tale of small-town mayhem to move it into the somewhat oxymoronic range of the cozy thriller. Gives new currency to the phrase "baking up a storm." Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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