Sisters of Sugarcreek
by Liggett, Cathy

After the loss of their loved ones in a fire, three survivors, Lydia Gruber, Jessica Holtz, and Liz Cannon, form a friendship and work together to keep a knitting and quilting business open, helping each other to deal with the tragedy and prepare for thefuture.

*Starred Review* In the aftermath of a local church fire, a trio of unlikely friends take it upon themselves to bring hope to their Ohio community of Sugarcreek, one anonymously delivered care package at a time. Lydia Gruber is a young Amish widow haunted by questions about her short marriage. Liz Cannon is a middle-aged real-estate agent in a struggling market grieving the loss of her best friend. Jessica Holtz is a single mother who knows little about handicrafts but suddenly inherits her late aunt's quilt and craft shop. Together, they make up the Secret Stitches Society, and when trouble hits close to home, they must rely on their shared faith and strength of sisterhood to see them through. Liggett (Beaded Hope, 2010) crafts a heartwarming beacon of friendship and tender new beginnings in this cozy, sweet Christian romance featuring strong female leads from different generations and cultures. The small-town charm and interconnectedness, fastened with knitting, quilting, and crafting, make this an ideal feel-good read. Liggett writes with loveliness and uplift and is a refreshing breath of wholesome goodness. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

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