Journey : An Illustrated History of Travel
by Dorling Kindersley Limited (COR); Collins, Michael (ILT); Adams, Simon (CON); Grant, R. G. (CON); Humphreys, Andrew (CON)

"An illustrated account of human movement, travel, exploration, and scientific discovery-from the first trade networks in ancient Sumer to the epic Voyager missions. Human journeys arise from all manner of impulses, from migration and the search for food, to pilgrimages, trade, scientific curiosity, or simply the quest for adventure. Journey traces each through lively accounts, alongside the biographies of conquerors, explorers, and travelers; stories of technological innovation; literary journals; and works of art. Themed spreads and feature panels capture the romance of travel with evocative accounts, archive images, historic maps, and artifacts, while catalog spreads add glamour and nostalgia, showcasing objects and documents associated with the rise of travel, such as postcards and passports. A textured cover with a picture-perfect image and shiny finishes make it ideal for gift-giving. Produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution." - ONIX annotation.

Michael Collins is a native of Ireland and studied theology at the University College Dublin. He has taught in a number of universities, including the American University of Rome; John Cabot University; and Duquesne University, Rome Campus, and he currently serves in St. Mary's Church in Dublin. Michael Collins has authored many books, including DK's The Vatican and Pope Francis: A Photographic Story of the People's Pope, and has been featured on CBS News's 60 Minutes.

*Starred Review* From ancient times to the present, humans have been driven to travel: for trade, for exploration, for fun; to meet new people, indulge in food, explore music and culture. Produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution, Journey traces human travel and exploration chronologically around the globe. Each short chapter presents the people who made the trip, where they went, how they traveled, and the importance of that journey to our understanding of the world. Divided into seven great ages of travel, this lavishly illustrated and well-written volume provides the reader with a sense of the difficulties and the experiences of each voyage. In addition to the 140 main chapters discussing specific travels or travel-related topics (including guide books, souvenirs, advertising, and navigation), the work provides a number of biographies of famous travelers and a list of contemporary journeys that the reader might wish to take. No other travel book includes discussions covering such a wide range of time and space. From ancient Egypt to the Vikings to Marco Polo to Route 66, this work serves as a testament to our desire to roam the world. It will be a good addition for public and school libraries. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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