Valentine Crafts
by Speechley, Greta

This colorful compendium offers a dozen craft projects to make Valentine lovers smile. The book begins with an introduction that advises readers to look around the house for materials before buying them; tells parents to read instructions before their children get to work; shows the safety signs that indicate when adult help is needed; and instructs kids on how to start and how to finish, including putting away materials and cleaning up. Then it's on to the projects, everything from spinning valentines to kiss sponge stamps to giant cardboard lips. Food lovers will enjoy the chocolate lollipops, heart cookies, and "love bugs" made from chocolate cake and marshmallows. Each craft appears on a two-page spread with step-by-step color photos and detailed instructions. Most of the projects are doable for the intended age group, though some adult supervision will be needed. With a variety of activities and a refreshing lack of card-making projects, this title will help children express both their love and their creativity. Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

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