Mazeways : A to Z
by Munro, Roxie

Presents a collection of twenty-six puzzles having alphabtical names from A to Z, with the solution for each maze being in the shape of the first letter of the puzzle's name.

Similar in concept and format to Munro's books Mazescapes (2001) and Amazement Park (2005), this colorful, large-format book offers hours of fun. Each picture features a letter of the alphabet as part of the composition, but finding the letter is only the start, as children trace their ways through 26 mazes and search for more than 700 tiny objects mentioned in the text and scattered through the detailed paintings. Some adult assistance may come in handy, as it's hard to find a gazebo or a mesa without knowing what the words mean. The final nine pages of the book reproduce each picture in black and white, reduced in size and accompanied by the lists of searchable objects, with the maze routes and found objects marked in colored lines. At nearly one-foot square, this volume will present shelving challenges in some nonfiction collections, but the picture-book area is a good alternative. A bright, enticing book to challenge fans of the Where's Waldo and I Spy series. Copyright 2007 Booklist Reviews.

Munro presents fans of her previous maze challenges new fodder to delight and intrigue. From A (airport) to Z (zookeeper), Munro's fantastical paintings provide an abundance of detail to entrance and enchant even the most jaded maze-whiz. The 26 letters of the alphabet form the base of each maze, which is based on a theme beginning with the same letter. On each page, she adds a list of items to look for while wiggling through the mazes. Munro's paintings are just plain fun to look at even if the reader is not a fan of mazes and brain teasers. However, for enthusiasts, Munro offers challenges galore, and for those who are stumped, an answer key is provided in the endpages. The author's latest tale is a satisfying follow-up to Amazement Park (2005) for fans and bound to attract newcomers as well. (Picture book. 7-11) Copyright Kirkus 2007 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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