Supergirl : Being Super
by Tamaki, Mariko; Jones, Joelle (ILT)

"Kara Danvers isn't any different than any other teenager in her hometown. Problems with school. Problems with boys. Problems with friends. But while growing pains shake up Kara's world, a series of earth-shaking events hits her hometown, leaving her with with the choice of blending in with the crowd, or being different."-

Mariko Tamaki is a Canadian writer living in Oakland. Works include New York Times bestseller This One Summer and Skim with Jillian Tamaki, Emiko Superstar with Steve Rolston and the YA novel (You) Set Me on Fire. This One Summer was the winner of Printz and Caldecott Honors in 2015 and received the Eisner for Best Graphic Album (New).

Joëlle Jones is an Eisner-nominated artist currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Since attending PNCA in Portland, OR, she has contributed to a wide range of projects and has most recently begun writing and drawing her own series, LADY KILLER, published by Dark Horse comics. Jones has also provided the art for SUPERGIRL: BEING SUPER and Superman: American Alien(DC), Helheim, Brides of Helheim (Oni Press) and MOCKINGBIRD (Marvel). She's also done work for Boom! Studios, The New York Times, Vertigo and more! Joëlle will be taking on projects for DC and Marvel this year as well as continuing her series Lady Killer.

*Starred Review* Kara Danvers is your typical 16-year-old, worried about zits on picture day, wolfing down junk food with her best friends, and a little surly with her well-meaning but out-of-touch parents. Of course, there's also her superpowers and the alien pod she arrived in eight years ago hidden in the barn. A lot of this origin story will sound familiar to anyone who knows about Superman, but Tamaki breathes new life into the story with her pitch-perfect ear for teen dialogue and keen focus on building well-rounded, vibrant characters. Kara's friendship with track teammates Dolly and Jen is the emotional core of the story, and when tragedy strikes during a freak earthquake at a track meet, it's a heartbreaking, believable spark for Kara's incipient heroic ambitions. Jones' fantastic artwork nods at iconic Superman imagery, but her style is much more naturalistic. Her figures are refreshingly varied in body shape and skin tone, and she renders the athletic teen girls with undeniable strength but not a hint of the oversexualization that's so pervasive in superhero comics. Dynamic splash pages, varied panel layouts, cinematic action, and dense, lush colors are icing on an already delicious cake. Even teens who don't typically go for caped crusaders might find something to like here. Among the massive field of superhero comics, this one is an impressive standout. Grades 9-12. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

Kara Danvers' bad day begins when she pops a zit. As origin stories go, Tamaki (The Moon Is Up, 2018, etc.) focuses on Kara the teenager over all else. Having arrived on Earth as a young child, she endures bad dreams and has no idea that she's an alien. Blonde, blue-eyed Kara has just turned 16, and her odd abilities are glitching. At a track meet, an earthquake takes the lives of several people, including one of Kara's best friends, who slips out of her grasp. Later, when responding to a mysterious cry for help, she discovers not only the reason for her malfunctioning strength and the quake, but a dark-haired, olive-skinned man strapped to a table who speaks a language that she has only heard in her head and who has the answers to her questions about where she is from. His escape from the facility, however, causes problems that Kara could have anticipated if she was not so busy giggling at his face and admiring his abs. Superpowers are sidelined by the drama of fitting in, keeping secrets, and dealing with grief. Of her small circle of friends, the brown-skinned lesbian Dolly has enough sass to power Kara through everyday interactions as well as the weightier theme of the death of a loved one. More "teen drama" than "super," this is an interesting choice for those looking for more than the usual hero fare. (Graphic novel. 12-16) Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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