What About Worms!?
by Higgins, Ryan T.; Willems, Mo

Tiger unwittingly helps some worms overcome their fear of tigers with a well-placed, informative book, but will a wormy hug aid a fearful Tiger?

Ryan T. Higgins (ryanthiggins.com) is the author and illustrator of the New York Times best-selling Mother Bruce, which received the E. B. White Read-Aloud Award and the Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Honor; Hotel Bruce; BE QUIET!; and Bruce's Big Move. He lives in Maine with his wife and kids and lots of pets.

If it's not apparent from the cute, cuddly illustrations, Tiger is big, brave, and unafraid . . . except when it comes to worms. Slimy, wiggly worms, to be more precise. Tiger's fear gets out of hand as he begins worrying about things that could potentially contain worms-a pot of flowers, an apple, a book-until he abandons them all, as well as his dignity, and runs off screaming. Higgins' over-the-top comedy, with its speech-bubble dialogue, textual repetition, and emotive artwork, fits nicely within the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! series. Events take an entertaining turn when some tiger-phobic worms make an appearance, but, after reading about these furry creatures, they realize that Tiger is probably quite nice. A silly choice for early readers that lets positive messaging about literacy worm its way in. Grades K-3. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

What does an uber-confident tiger about town have to worry about? Flowers? Apples? Books? Of course not! Unless they're teeming with—WORMS!!! This tiger loves flowers, but flowers are buried in dirt, and everyone knows worms LOVE dirt. Apples are juicy and crunchy and sweet. The tiger loves apples, but so do WORMS!!! The tiger also LOVES books...unless they're about the one thing the tiger's terrified of—WORMS!!! It's impossible to tell their tops from their bottoms! (Gross!) As the tiger overreacts and drops object after object, what does the resulting trail of flowerpot shards, apple pulp, and a tossed-aside book attract? Squirmy, slimy WORMS!!! Guess what worms are afraid of? Furry, noncrawling TIGERS! After all, "you can tell their tops from their bottoms!" (Gross!) But this tiger left these worms some wonderful dirt. This tiger left these worms a delicious apple. And this tiger left these worms the best thing of all—a book! Time to give this tiger a WORM HUG! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Higgins' latest addition to the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading series is an exclamation-point–packed, liberally uppercased rambunctious rollick through the irrational world of phobias. His Hobbes-like feline is a master of inscrutability (NOT!). Expressions ranging from cheesy grins to abject terror race across the tiger's face faster than you can thumb a flipbook. Between snorts and giggles, kids will soon discover they're READING! (Early reader. 4-8) Copyright Kirkus 2020 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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