by Graley, Sarah

A girl with a secret ability to enter the world of her new video game risks her best friendship to save a virtual-reality city from a nefarious big boss, an effort that is complicated by her in-game life losses. By the creator of the Kim Reaper series. Simultaneous.

Sarah Graley is a cartoonist who lives in Birmingham, UK, with four cats and her partner, Stef! She's the creator of books like Glitch, Kim Reaper, and her long-running diary comic Our Super Adventure. She was the artist on the first official Minecraft graphic novel, and the writer and artist on the Diamond Gem Award-nominated Rick and Morty comics miniseries Lil' Poopy Superstar. Visit Sarah online at

Best friends Izzy and Eric are excited to play the new Dungeon City video game together, but when Izzy literally gets sucked into her TV, she skirts all her responsibilities and relationships to try to save the imaginary world. Things aren't what they seem in Dungeon City, however, and soon Izzy realizes she must turn to Eric and her family for help before she is stuck in the virtual world forever. Those looking for adventure will not be disappointed-there are many dungeons to pillage and monsters to defeat for our protagonist-but the story's greatest strength is Graley's strong sense of humor, as Izzy's hilarious commentary on everything from her parents to video-game culture is spot-on and delightful. Graley strikes a nice balance between the comedy of wacky scenarios and random jokes and the earnest, heartfelt story about a conflicted girl drifting apart from her friend. Graley's bold, playful artwork keeps the humor front and center with over-the-top facial expressions and cartoonish character design. An epic win. Grades 3-6. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

A gamer levels up her space-witch powers to save the world, but along the way she finds the strength to save her friendship too. As the chosen one, gamer Izzy feels a responsibility to fight alongside her robot friend Rae, who uses the pronouns they and them, to protect the digital world of "Dungeon City" against the threat of a great evil hidden deep within the code. Before Izzy received her copy of the game in the mail, she promised her friend Eric that she would wait for their video game sleepover so they could start playing together. However, when temptation gets the better of her and she boots it up, the game pulls her inside it. Izzy worries Eric won't believe her, so she lies and tries to carry the secret of her destiny on her own. The bright, rich color palette matches the upbeat and zany personality of the characters, game world, and conflict. The paneled page layouts are equally animated. Graley plays with tropes to create a comical, over-the-top villain. Izzy's rea l growth comes from admitting her wrongs to her friend and learning the power of teamwork rather than from defeating a bad guy. Izzy has pale skin, but that her parents seem to be a mixed-race couple suggests she is biracial; Eric has brown skin and uses the pronouns she and her. While the friendship conflict and virtual-world-come-to-life are both familiar plot elements, the immersive art and silly humor level up the appeal of this video game adventure. (Graphic novel. 8-12) Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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