Making Friends Back to the Drawing Board
by Gudsnuk, Kristen

Secretly creating a double of herself to help with her homework and social status, Dany accidentally unleashes a magical dog that wreaks supernatural havoc on the town. By the creator of the Henchgirl comic series. Simultaneous. Illustrations.

KRISTEN GUDSNUK is the creator of Making Friends , an IndieBound bestseller and YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens selection. The sequel, Making Friends: Back to the Drawing Board, was included in the 2020 ILA Children's Choices reading list. She's also the writer and artist of the Minecraft comic series Wither Without You, and her Henchgirl comic series is being developed into a TV show for Freeform. Kristen was born in suburbia, didn't go to art school, and now lives in Queens, New York. Learn more about Kristen and her comics at

After the events of Making Friends (2018), Dany is trying to maintain her friendships while keeping a lid on how often she's using magic. But magic makes life so easy, especially when she draws a slightly more confident clone of herself in her magic notebook, and they swap places so Dany doesn't have to deal with the mortification of talking to her crush. Meanwhile, Madison is becoming better friends with mean-girl Cara, and Dany's not sure how to be friends with both of them, if she can. The frenetic pacing and freewheeling magic occasionally make the plot hard to follow, particularly when Dany's clone takes her place at school, and readers will be much better off if they're familiar with the first book. But Gudsnuk's bubbly, playful artwork, in a warm palette dominated by pink and purple and dense with detail and expressive, goggle-eyed faces, is a pleasure to look at. Fans of magical-girl stories grounded in the realities of shifting middle-school friendships might get a kick out of this series. Grades 5-8. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

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