Why Not Tonight
by Mallery, Susan

A moody, reclusive artist finds himself stranded for days with his overly-positive and perky studio manager after a mudslide shuts them inside his mountain home.

Artist and part-time gallery office worker Natalie takes her dying car to an artist's remote house to check on him during a fierce storm. Shortly after arriving, a tree flattens her car, and she is stuck with the reclusive, Heathcliff-like Ronan Mitchell and his glass creations. Ronan, who carries the hurt of a dark family secret, can't deny his attraction for Natalie, and after the roads are clear, he pursues her while encouraging her artistic efforts. Having been left at the altar, Natalie has trouble trusting her feelings, despite the encouragement of her close friends, who tie Mallery's series about the small town of Happily Inc together. Both Natalie's growth as an artist and the path of her relationship with Ronan are wonderful and make for extremely satisfying romantic reading. Readers may also enjoy Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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