Martha Manual : How to Do (Almost) Everything
by Stewart, Martha

An authoritative handbook by the domestic-lifestyle expert shares hundreds of ideas and instructions for homemaker skills, from transporting a decorated cake and folding an American flag to playing a classic lawn game and bathing a cat.

Stewart has long been known for having a honed system for anything home-related. Here she offers guidance for a variety of household tasks. The broad categories covered include organization, cleaning, sewing and crafting, gardening, entertaining, and cooking, with tips and instructions for tasks big and small. Some, like the page on how to fix screens, provide step-by-step how-to directions with a list of necessary supplies, while others, like that on how to fix drafts, offer brief tips for a variety of areas in the house. Stewart is known for her recipes, but the cooking covered here takes the form of "Martha Musts" and such techniques as how to best use particular kitchen tools, how to master cooking methods (e.g., braising), and how to perfectly frost a cake. The making section consists mostly of tutorials that mirror what one might see in Stewart's website, TV appearances, and magazine. This wide-ranging guide is designed as a household reference that sums up the breadth of Stewart's expertise. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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