Gift of the Magpie
by Andrews, Donna

When the magpie, who has been bringing her bits of tinsel and costume jewelry, arrives with a gift that may be the clue to solving a crime, Meg finds her hopes for a relatively peaceful holiday season dashed. Read by Bernadette Dunne. Simultaneous.

DONNA ANDREWS is a winner of three Agatha Awards, the Anthony and Barry Awards, a Romantic Times Award for best first novel, and four Lefty and two Toby Bromberg awards for funniest mystery. She is a member of MWA, Sisters in Crime, and the Private Investigators and Security Association. Andrews lives in Reston, Virginia. The Gift of the Magpie is the 28th book and seventh Christmas mystery in the Meg Lansglow series.

With Christmas fast approaching, Meg Langslow's house is full of visiting relatives, and she is in charge of Caerphilly's Helping Hands for the Holidays, where neighbors volunteer to help those who need assistance with projects, from building a handicapped ramp to finishing a quilt. Their biggest challenge to date is to declutter hoarder Harvey Dunlop's home before the authorities move in in response to the complaints from his neighbors and the feigned concern of his cousins. The project is progressing well when Meg finds Harvey in his garage, badly injured. Meg and the other volunteers are saddened when Harvey dies, convinced he was in the process of turning his life around. Suspects include Harvey's neighbors, his cousins, and a woman who claims to be Harvey's girlfriend. Meg assists Chief Burke with his investigation, and, with the support of friends and family, she uncovers the killer. Framed by the warmth of the holiday season, this satisfying entry in the long-running cozy series delights with humor, familiar quirky characters, and a Christmas miracle. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

Ornamental blacksmith/general do-gooder Meg Langslow's Christmas activities entangle her with a fellow resident of Caerphilly, Virginia, whose domestic life is even more chaotic than hers. Unlike Meg, who's surrounded by members of her own cheerfully argumentative family as well as the Shiffleys, Caerphilly's somewhat more benign version of the Snopeses, Harvey Dunlop has chosen to surround himself with stuff—objects of dubious value he can't bring himself to throw out. So Meg, her friend Caroline Willner, Meredith Flugleman of Adult Protective Services, and other concerned members of Helping Hands for the Holidays have banded together to strong-arm, er, help and encourage him to go through his house with a shovel and relocate his treasures to an empty building Randall Shiffley owns in the hope of deep-cleaning the house and then urging Harvey to move on without moving his prized junk back in. Except for the unwelcome appearance of Morris, Ernest, and Josephine Haverhill, the cousins who seem to be Harvey's only living relatives, the preliminaries go well. But when Meg shows up at Harvey's for the main event in the decluttering marathon, her host is unres ponsive, brained with a spittoon in his garage. As Harvey hovers between life and death, Meg plunges into his family history to uncover a motive for the murderous attack. Readers patient enough to wait for any mystery, or for that matter any significant conflict, to develop will be rewarded when their own suspicions about whodunit are proved exactly right. Andrews lays on the good cheer with a trowel. Even the rabbi's wife gets a cameo. Copyright Kirkus 2020 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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