And Now She's Gone
by Hall, Rachel Howzell

When a desperate family implores her to track down a woman who may not want to be found, Grayson Sykes unravels violent secrets that embroil her in an increasingly dangerous game of cat and mouse.

RACHEL HOWZELL HALL is the author of the acclaimed Lou Norton series, the standalone thriller They All Fall Down, and co-author of The Good Sister with James Patterson, which appeared in the New York Times bestselling anthology The Family Lawyer. She is the senior development officer for the Donor Relations Department at Cedars Sinai. Currently she serves on the Board of Directors for the Mystery Writers of America, is a member of Sisters in Crime, and has participated as a mentor in the Association of Writers and Writing Programs' Writer-to-Writer Program. She lives in Los Angeles.

African American Grayson Sykes has worked for her friend Dom Rader's PI firm, Rader Consulting, since he helped her escape her abusive husband and relocate to L.A. with a new identity. Now, she's on her first solo case, and it begins with Dr. Ian O'Donnell hiring Rader to find his missing girlfriend, Isabel, who he claims has disappeared with his dog, Kenny G. The case's attraction wears off quickly. O'Donnell oozes smug entitlement, and, later, Isabel's friends and coworkers paint him in the center of an ugly picture of domestic violence. But, when Dom reveals that O'Donnell is part of his underground relocation network for domestic-violence survivors, Gray takes a closer look at Isabel and finds a web of cons, stolen identities, and serial murder. While Gray hunts Isabel, she also becomes hunted; her ex has somehow found her, and she's finished running. Gray's survival story is interwoven with her driven unraveling of Isabel's secrets, adding compelling weight in a confidential tone. A page-turner with heart. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

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