Alone in the Wild
by Armstrong, Kelley

"In #1 New York Times bestseller Kelley Armstrong's latest thriller, the hidden town of Rockton is about to face a challenge none of them saw coming: a baby. Every season in Rockton seems to bring a new challenge. At least that's what Detective Casey Duncan has felt since she decided to call this place home. Between all the secretive residents, the sometimes-hostile settlers outside, and the surrounding wilderness, there's always something to worry about. While on a much needed camping vacation with her boyfriend, Sheriff Eric Dalton, Casey hears a baby crying in the woods. The sound leads them to a tragic scene: a woman buried under the snow, murdered, a baby still alive in her arms. A town that doesn't let anyone in under the age of eighteen, Rockton must take care of its youngest resident yet while solving another murder and finding out where the baby came from - and whether she's better off where she is. #1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong again delivers an engaging, tense thriller set in perhaps the most interesting town in all of contemporary crime fiction"-

KELLEY ARMSTRONG graduated with a degree in psychology and then studied computer programming. Now, she is a full-time writer and parent, and she lives with her husband and three children in rural Ontario, Canada. Armstrong's Rockton mystery series featuring Detective Casey Duncan begins with City of the Lost.

In Armstrong's latest in her series set in the remote town of Rockton (where people go to forget their past), Detective Casey Duncan is taking a little vacation with Eric Dalton, her boyfriend and the sheriff of Rockton, when she discovers a murdered woman whose body holds her still-living baby. Who is the dead woman? Was someone in Rockton responsible for her death? The fifth Rockton novel (following Watcher in the Woods, 2019) builds on the previous four, opening up the town a little more, revealing more of its mysteries and more of its residents' hidden secrets. The prolific Armstrong is an adept storyteller (she's writes horror and fantasy as well as mysteries, for both adults and teens) who makes the rather out-there idea of a small, protected community full of people with things to hide seem not only plausible but entirely believable. Fans of the author who have not yet checked out the Rockton novels should do so, pronto. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

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