One Last Lie
by Doiron, Paul

"The disappearance of Mike Bowditch's beloved mentor reveals an ominous connection to a 15-year-old cold case in One Last Lie, the new thriller from bestselling Edgar Award finalist Paul Doiron. "Never trust a man without secrets." These are the last words retired game warden Charley Stevens speaks to his surrogate son, Warden Investigator Mike Bowditch, before the old man vanishes without explanation. Mike suspects his friend's mysterious departure has to do with an antique warden badge that recently resurfaced at a flea market - a badge connected to a cold case from Charley's past that the Maine Warden Service would rather forget. Fifteen years ago, a young warden was sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate a notorious poaching ring and never returned. He was presumed dead, but his body was never recovered. Desperate to find Charley before he meets a similar fate, Mike's investigation brings him to the miles of forest and riverside towns along the Canadian border-but he soon learns that even his fellow wardens have secrets to keep. And Charley's past isn't the only one coming to light; his daughter, Stacey, has resurfaced to search for her missing father, and Mike must grapple with the return of the woman he once thought was gone forever. Forced toquestion his faith in the man he sees as a father, Mike must reopen a cold case that powerful people-one of whom may be a killer-will do anything to keep closed"-

A native of Maine, bestselling author PAUL DOIRON attended Yale University, where he graduated with a degree in English. The Poacher's Son, the first book in the Mike Bowditch series, won the Barry award, the Strand award for best first novel, and has been nominated for the Edgar, Anthony, and Macavity awards in the same category. He is a Registered Maine Guide specializing in fly fishing and lives on a trout stream in coastal Maine with his wife, Kristen Lindquist.

Mike Bowditch's eleventh adventure (after Almost Midnight, 2019) opens in Florida, where Mike is investigating a candidate for the Maine Warden Service and helping with a python roundup in the Everglades. He returns to an equally hot, humid, and very buggy Maine, only to end up travelling north to the Canadian border in search of his mentor Charley Stevens. Charley found an old badge at a flea market that prompted him to reconsider a 15-year-old case involving a young warden who never returned from an undercover mission involving a notorious poaching ring. Mike follows his trail, and, despite Charley's advice to "never trust a man without secrets," he soon finds that men with secrets, including fellow law-enforcement officers, can't be trusted either. Finding the truth puts him in danger from attack dogs, car wrecks, and deadly currents that require savvy canoe paddling. Doiron's masterful plotting pulls it all together, and the reader gets to meet an odd assortment of extraordinarily well-defined characters-good guys and bad-while learning more about both the natural and the political history of the Pine Tree State. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

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