Marked Man
by Mayor, Archer

While Joe Gunther looks into the mafia-related murders linked to the death of a local philanthropist and millionaire, PI Sally Kravitz teams up with a reporter to expose the truth behind this tangled and expanding web duplicity, greed and obsession. 35,000 first printing.

ARCHER MAYOR, in addition to writing the New York Times bestselling Joe Gunther series, is a death investigator for the state medical examiner and has twenty-five years of experience as a firefighter/EMT. He lives near Brattleboro, Vermont .

*Starred Review* Millionaire Nathan Lyon has brought 1960s-style communal living forward in time and elevated it to an art form, converting an old Vermont mill into an enormous home where his entire blended family can live-apparently, whether they want to, or not, turning them into "rich, privileged, insulated zombies." A year after Lyon's apparently natural death, evidence surfaces that changes the reason for his demise to murder by strangulation. As Joe Gunther and his Vermont Bureau of Investigation team dig in, they discover that Lyon was really the Mob-affiliated Nick Bianchi from Providence, Rhode Island. When members of his family are subsequently murdered, their DNA reveals that the clan is "like a jigsaw puzzle from four different boxes." Joe travels to Rhode Island to investigate, along with PI Sally Kravitz and reporter Rachel Reiling, two of Mayor's many delightful recurring characters. There is a parallel story, too, involving two of Nick's former associates, who arrive in Brattleboro with a cinematic flourish-full Mob outfits, complete with city shoes and black-leather coats-to provide the final answers to the puzzle. This is the thirty-second Joe Gunther novel (following The Orphan's Guilt, 2020), and it's been clear for quite awhile that Mayor's series-a perfect mix of character, setting, and story-is one of the best American police procedurals going. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

Every single member of the Brattleboro squad of the Vermont Bureau of Investigation is needed to run down the epic malfeasance headquartered in the state's largest private house. When a medical student discovers that the death of Nathan Lyon, the narcissistic patriarch who, in an uncharacteristically generous gesture, donated his body to science, was anything but natural, his widow, Monica Tardy, barely pays attention. She lives in an opulent converted factory that also houses Nathan's son Rob; Nathan and Monica's son Mike; Gene Russell, the son Monica gave up for adoption at an early age; Mike's and Gene's wives and children; and several boutique companies, from ER Ceramics, which Gene runs, to Food Flourish, a partnership between Mike and Michelle Lyon. The rest of the family seems barely more moved even after a second domestic demise they just can't persuade themselves is suspicious. Squad leader Joe Gunther takes turns with Lester Spinney, renegade Willy Kunkle, and Willy's live-in partner, Samantha Martens, diving into the family's past and unearthing an endless history of adulteries, illegitimate births, underhanded business deals, and concealed felonies that fully justify manse manager Kimona Alin's description of the place as "Lord of the Rings [...] meets Lord of the Flies." Meanwhile, foolish wise guy Eddie "Mouse" Moscone, after completing a prison term for a murder he confessed to but didn't commit, visits a series of Rhode Island mobsters to find out who actually did kill Vito Alfano and why they wanted him to take the fall. Tracing the unlikely but inevitable connections between Mouse and the Lyons will eventually pay off with a handsome surprise just when you think Mayor couldn't possibly surprise you again. A deep dive into a mall-sized closet full of skeletons. Copyright Kirkus 2021 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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