Bone on Bone
by Keller, Julia

An investigation involving the suspicious deaths of a drug addict's parents is complicated by former deputy Jake Oakes' struggles to adjust to his physical challenges and Bell's grief over the loss of her sister. By the author of Bitter River.

JULIA KELLER spent twelve years as a reporter and editor for the Chicago Tribune, where she won a Pulitzer Prize. A recipient of a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University, she was born in West Virginia and lives in Chicago and Ohio. Julia is the author of the Bell Elkins Novels, beginning with The Devil's Stepdaughter.

*Starred Review* Drug addiction in Acker's Gap, West Virginia, which was at the center of Keller's previous series entry (Fast Falls the Night, 2017) is again the prime mover here. But there's much more going on, notably in the life of protagonist Bell Elkins. Having confessed to a crime and insisted on serving a prison term-an inexplicable act, given extenuating circumstances-former prosecutor Bell is newly free, finishing community service, and tired of trying to answer why she did what she did. Then she's asked by the new prosecutor to help investigate the murder of bank officer Brett Topping, shot in his driveway shortly after threatening his addicted son Tyler's drug supplier. Tyler, caught in a downward spiral of rehab and relapse, is currently back to living at home and so affecting his parents' lives that his mother is planning drastic action. Keller can spin a mystery plot with the best of them, but it's her full-bodied characters and the regard they have for one another that really sets her crime fiction apart: a bride's back-of-the-hand caress of her new husband's cheek, and his response, is a moment that will linger in memory long after the crime is solved. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

A woman determined to atone and make a difference returns to her drug-plagued hometown. Bell Elkins was born poor in Acker's Gap, West Virginia, and her life has been through many phases (Fast Falls the Night, 2017, etc.). She married, became a lawyer and a mother and led a life of wealth, then divorced and returned home as a tough and determined prosecuting attorney. The revelation that her sister, Shirley, had terminal cancer, and moreover that she had spent years in prison for killing their abusive father while knowing that 10-year-old Bell was guilty of the crime, even if young Bell didn't realize it herself, sent Bell's life into a tailspin. None of her family and friends can fathom why Bell insisted on serving her own prison term for her father's murder when the powers that be would have been happy with a slap on the wrist considering all the mitigating circumstances. Now Bell is back in town trying to decide what to do with her life as she is no longer a lawyer. With t he whole state ravaged by opioids, her first thought is to work to hold drug companies morally if not legally responsible, but then she becomes involved in the town's latest drug-related murder. Banker Brett Topping and his wife, Ellie, are at their wits' end trying to save their addicted son, Tyler. Rehab has failed numerous times, and now he's home and stealing their possessions to feed his habit. Ellie is so desperate that she's decided to kill Tyler, but before she can get up the nerve, her husband is shot dead in their driveway. Both Ellie and Tyler have alibis, and Tyler insists it was Deke Foley, the dealer he worked for, whom Brett had threatened to turn in to the police along with "dates, times, places, license plate numbers." The sheriff and prosecutor, desperately short-handed, hire both Bell and a paralyzed former deputy to help with this latest case. Old friends pitch in, and nasty secrets are revealed, but the big question is still why Bell insisted on going to prison. Fans of this brilliant series will not be disappointed by the murder mystery or the big reveal of its heroine's motivation for trashing her life. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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