Borrowing of Bones
by Munier, Paula

"The first in a gripping new mystery series by literary agent Paula Munier, about a retired MP and bomb-sniffing dog who become embroiled in an investigation in the beautiful Vermont wilderness It may be the Fourth of July weekend, but for retired soldier Mercy Carr and Belgian Malinois Elvis, it's just another walk in the remote Lye Brook Wilderness-until the former bomb-sniffing dog alerts to explosives and they find a squalling baby abandoned near a shallow grave filled with what appear to be human bones. U.S. Game Warden Troy Warner and his search-and rescue Newfoundland Susie Bear respond to Mercy's 911 call, and the four must work together to track down a missing mother, solve a cold-case murder, and keep the citizens of Vermont safe on potentially the most incendiary Independence Day since the American Revolution. A Borrowing of Bones is full of complex twists and real details about search-and-rescue dog training that Paula has learned through the training of her own dog. With its canine sidekicks and procedural plot, this series is well-positioned to become "Julia Spencer-Fleming with dogs" and will be a must-have for mystery fans" -

PAULA MUNIER is the author of the bestselling Plot Perfect, The Writer's Guide to Beginnings, Writing with Quiet Hands, and Fixing Freddie: A True Story of a Boy, a Mom, and a Very, Very Bad Beagle. She was inspired to write A Borrowing of Bones by the hero working dogs she met through MissionK9Rescue, her own Newfoundland retriever mix rescue Bear, and a lifelong passion for crime fiction. She lives in New England with her family, Bear, and a torbie tabby named Ursula.

This mystery set in the Vermont woods over a Fourth of July weekend has timetable urgency, sensitive characterization, and a fascinating look into the training and care of search-and-rescue dogs. Retired army corporal Mercy Carr and Elvis, who served as an Explosive Detection Dog with Mercy and her deceased boyfriend, have a routine of walking the woods as a coping mechanism for grief and PTSD. On one such walk, Elvis leads Mercy to a baby just off the path; part of the mystery that ensues stems from the fact that the baby seems well cared for, but no mother emerges. A U.S. game warden and his own search-and-rescue dog start the search for the mother and widen it to a murder investigation when the dog unearths human bones near where the baby was found. Carr, with Elvis, joins the investigation. In this first in a new series, Munier is guilty of some overexplaining, but she has written an innovative, intriguing mystery with plenty of wit and crackling tension. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

A retired military police officer and her adopted bomb-sniffing Belgian Malinois seek a new lease on life in rural Vermont. Following the death of Sgt. Martinez, her dog-handler fiance, in Afghanistan, Mercy Carr and Elvis, Martinez's dog, have moved back to Vermont to recover from their physical and psychological wounds. During a hike in the woods, they find a recently abandoned baby. Seeking help, they meet Game Warden Troy Warner and Susie Bear, his enormous Newfoundland-retriever mix. The chance discovery will lead to murder, mayhem, and romance. Mercy has marked off the area because Elvis acted suspicious even before his find. When the authorities check the spot, they find human bones, a skull with a bullet in it, and a handmade belt buckle that might help identify the remains. The baby's mother, Amy Walker, sneaks into the hospital and steals her baby, then turns up at Mercy's house. Her home life with an abusive stepfather has kept her on the run while Adam, the artist and activist who's the baby's father, has forced them to live off the grid. Mercy wants to help Amy keep her baby, but when she finds the stepfather murdered, things look bad for Amy, especially in the eyes of self-aggrandizing State Police Detective Kai Harrington, who, unimpressed by Mercy or Troy Warner, warns them off the case. The bones that alerted Elvis are most likely those of local troublemaker Wayne Herbert, whose mother and brothers are still enmeshed in many illegal enterprises. Determined to tackle Amy's problems and the possibly related case of Herbert, Mercy puts herself and Elvis in danger as they continue to hunt up clues with the help of a reluctant Troy, Susie Bear, and Mercy's grandmother, a well-loved veterinarian with many helpful contacts. A promising new series from a dog lover (Fixing Freddie: A True Story About a Boy, a Single Mom, and the Very Bad Beagle Who Saved Them, 2010, etc.) who naturally features several dogs as detective partners. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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