Gathering of Secrets
by Castillo, Linda

A deadly fire resulting in the death of an Amish teen exposes the dark side of the community to which Chief of Police Kate Burkholder once belonged. By the New York Times best-selling author of Sworn to Silence.

Linda Castillo is the New York Times bestselling author of the Kate Burkholder novels, including Sworn to Silence, which was adapted into a Lifetime Original Movie titled An Amish Murder, starring Neve Campbell as Kate Burkholder. Castillo is the recipient of numerous industry awards including a nomination by the International Thriller Writers for Best Hardcover, the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence, and a nomination for the RITA. In addition to writing, Castillo's other passion is horses. She lives in Texas with her husband and is currently at work on her next novel.

This is the tenth Police Chief Kate Burkholder mystery (following Down a Dark Road, 2017), and it finds her in a comfortable romantic relationship, with a hint of a wedding in the air. But she still grapples with issues from her long-ago break with the Amish as well as debilitating memories of a traumatic sexual assault in her teen years. When the body of a 19-year-old is found during Rumspringa, the Amish "running around" time-the young man was burned alive in the locked storage room of a historic barn-Kate determines that the cause of death was murder and ponders who would want the well-liked victim dead. Further crimes heighten the complexity and suspense. The Amish tenet of separation from the rest of society always makes Kate's investigations difficult, but this time it escalates into a conspiracy to hide a truth that no one wants to talk about, with the lines blurring further between the sin of pride, to be avoided at the soul's peril, and the practices of shaming, shunning, and revenge. Another strong entry in a New York Times best-selling series. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

Kate Burkholder (Down a Dark Road, 2017, etc.), police chief of Painters Mill, Ohio, is called to the scene of a fire at the home of Miriam and Gideon Gingerich, a well-regarded Amish couple with four children.Their barn has burned to the ground, and their eldest son, Danny, is missing. Kate's lover, John Tomasetti, an agent for the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, accompanies her to the scene, which the fire chief pronounces suspicious. The family is hoping that Danny, who is passing through Rumspringa, the time when Amish teens sow some wild oats before settling down, is out with friends, but their hopes are crushed when his body is found in the barn. Not only was the fire deliberately set, but Danny had been locked in the tack room. Everyone says Danny was a hardworking, easygoing young man, but as Kate looks for motives she uncovers some very nasty secrets. The next-door neighbor is a felon with a bad temper. Danny was virtually engaged to marry lovely Luane Raber, yet Kate senses she is holding something back. Luane's father says Danny had had a fight with his best friend, Milo Hershberger, a horse trainer under the bann for his wild ways, who admits that Danny was not always a nice guy. "You want to know about Danny the Saint?" he says. "I'd suggest you talk to Emma Miller....But I reckon it's a little too late." The Amish are very closemouthed about their lives, and Emma's parents are unwilling to speculate as to why she might have killed herself six month earlier, though her former boyfriend suggests that Danny may have raped her. Kate knows all too well from her own life what the veil of silence and the blame attached to a woman's sexual behavior can do to a person. Certain that revenge is the motive, she wonders whether Danny may have had more victims than Emma. Another rewarding crime novel that looks beyond the idealized image of the Amish. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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