by Hoag, Tami

When a 7-year-old boy is brutally murdered at the same time his 13-year-old babysitter goes missing, detectives Nick and Annie sift through a grieving mother's troubled past to uncover the truth. By the best-selling author of Night Sins.

TAMI HOAG is the #1 international bestselling author of more than thirty books. There are more than forty million copies of her books in print in more than thirty languages. Renowned for combining thrilling plots with character-driven suspense, Hoag first hit the New York Times bestseller list with Night Sins, and each of her books since has been a bestseller. She lives in CA.

Louisiana cops Annie Broussard and Nick Fourcade, whom readers last met in 1997's A Thin Dark Line, return in another cleverly plotted, atmospheric mystery. A young boy has been savagely murdered. His mother somehow escapes the same fate; covered in blood, she turns up at a neighboring house begging for help. While Nick takes charge of the grisly crime scene, Annie is at the hospital with the mother, and it isn't long before doubts start to accumulate: Why is there nothing to indicate that the murderer broke into the house? Why would someone butcher the boy but leave the mother unharmed? Why does the mother's story feel wrong? The day after the murder, the boy's 12-year-old babysitter goes missing. An unrelated crime? Or something far more sinister? Hoag puts on quite the juggling act here, dazzling us with multiple theories about the boy's murder, numerous potential suspects, and plot twists that keep us just slightly off-balance. A welcome return for a compelling investigative duo. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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