Operator Down
by Taylor, Brad

Veteran operator Pike Logan and his team embark on a high-risk search for an undercover Mossad agent only to stumble on a ruthless military coup in Africa, a situation that tests his Taskforce loyalties. By the best-selling author of Ring of Fire.

BRAD TAYLOR is the author of the New York Times bestselling Pike Logan series. He served for more than twenty years in the U.S. Army, including eight years in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta, commonly known as Delta Force. He retired as a Special Forces lieutenant colonel and now lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

Aaron Bergman is working as a contractor for Israeli intelligence, tracking a merchant from Israel's diamond exchange who may be implicated in a scam that could cause significant embarrassment to the government. But Bergman and a civilian assistant run headlong into operatives planning a coup in a small African country. Meanwhile, Pike Logan and his team are in Tel Aviv tailing an arms dealer who intends to buy components that will activate long-dormant nuclear weapons in South Africa. Bergman's lover and usual espionage partner, Shoshana, realizes he's missing and will stop at nothing to secure his release from the operatives holding him prisoner. The stakes are high: nuclear weapons, the overthrow of a democratic African government, and the lives of Berman and his assistant. As usual in the Pike Logan series, the spycraft and related technology are fascinating, the dialogue crackles, and all the players are operating in an international sea of moral ambiguity. Recommend Pike Logan to readers who like their spies tough, smart, and bordering on superhuman. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

An off-the-books anti-terrorist task force travels to Israel to pursue an international arms dealer and help old friends in the process.With his experience as an officer in the U.S. Army's Special Forces, Taylor (Ring of Fire, 2016, etc.) brings firsthand military knowledge to the Nephilim "Pike" Logan series. While walking through the Venetian casino in Las Vegas, Logan and fellow Taskforce member Knuckles pick their way through a throng of want-to-be commandos attending the largest gun show on Earth until their boss, Kurt Hale, calls them to go operational. Even by the unconventional standards of the Taskforce, this mission is noticeably different. Without an official mandate, Hale has made a gut decision to have his team track a former U.S. Marine-turned-arms dealer. Logan and his girlfriend/business partner/fellow Taskforce member, Jennifer, follow their target to Israel, where they attempt to reconnect with old friends Aaron and Shoshana, both of whom are former Mossad o peratives. However, a jubilant reunion is delayed because Aaron was captured while in the midst of investigating an international plot which could result in damaging the reputation of the highly respected Israeli diamond exchange and causing a military coup in a small African country. Aaron's captors didn't realize that Shoshana would do anything to get him back and they had no idea that she may be one of the world's most effective assassins. Throw into the mix the return of Johan van Rensburg, a former member of the legendary South African Reconnaissance Commandos-turned-soldier of fortune, and you have the ideal stage for Logan and Shoshana, both extremely component with their deadly skill sets, to showcase a trail of destruction. A believable account of elite operators working outside traditional government parameters to track international villains. Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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