My Patients and Other Animals : A Veterinarian's Stories of Love, Loss, and Hope
by Fincham-gray, Suzanne

Author's Noteix
Chapter One Peter and the Horse
Chapter Two Hercules
Chapter Three Monty
Chapter Four Fritz
Chapter Five Zeke
Chapter Six Sweetie
Chapter Seven Grayling
Chapter Eight Ned
Chapter Nine Monty

A memoir of the author's life spent in the company of animals illuminates the universal experiences of loving, healing, and losing beloved pets, describing some of the remarkable cases that shaped her career.

Suzy Fincham-Gray is a veterinarian and board-certified small-animal internal medicine specialist. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of California, Riverside–Palm Desert. She lives in San Diego with her husband, daughter, three cats, and two dogs. Her extended family still live in England, but they often visit with suitcases crammed with Marmite. My Patients and Other Animals is her first book.

*Starred Review* Newly minted veterinarian Fincham-Gray arrived in the U.S. from London, about to take up an internship in small-animal medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. One of her first patients was Hercules, a Doberman with a gunshot wound in his chest, and we are off and running with a beautifully written look at modern veterinary medicine. As Fincham-Gray relates the steps she and the clinic take to save the dog, clearly explaining the medical terminology, she shares her realization of an emotional attachment to her animal patients that she hadn't anticipated. These two themes-the ever-evolving state of veterinary medicine and the bond between humans and animals-are explored in a series of chapters, each centering around a single case. The author also weaves in tales of her personal life, such as how adopting a cat gave her a new insight into feline medicine, or the fact that moving in with her boyfriend forced her to balance her constant drive for working with the needs of a new relationship. Fincham-Gray, who also has an MFA in creative writing, has created a wonderfully introspective look at the role of the veterinarian. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

Affecting dispatches from the life of an animal doctor.Fincham-Gray, who has had a successful career in both Europe and the United States, recalls growing up just walking distance from an animal clinic on the Welsh border where she volunteered and groomed her career aspirations. Despite a childhood spent without a family pet, her love of animals flourished thanks in part to her father, a veterinary lab microbiologist who generously shared an appreciation for science with her. Overcoming an allergy to horses, insecurities at university, and demanding anatomy classes, she excelled at veterinary school and realized her dream. In this affably written amalgam of pedagogic and heartwarming material, the author chronicles her early years as a medical professional, particularly the culture shock of learning American vet medicine throughout her internship and the unique animals she encountered along the way. Readers meet emergency room patients like Missy, the tortoiseshell cat who wa s impaled by an arrow, and Tiger, who was saddled with a severe bladder blockage but managed to recover and thrive. Fincham-Gray also writes about how she endured the crushing heartbreak of euthanizing a dog with terminal pancreatitis and bidding farewell to her own aging cat. Once separated from the "protective custody of academia," the author worked in private practices on both the East and West coasts. She discusses how she cured a septic Irish wolfhound named Grayling, a Mexican-born canine who'd contracted "the oldest continuously surviving cancer in nature," and Sweetie, a young pit bull terrier whose diagnosis and patient care are the most complicated in the book, medically, financially, and emotionally. Fincham-Gray also imparts cautionary information on the medical consequences of obese pets. Pet fanatics and animal lovers in general will savor these bittersweet stories exploring the enduring human-animal bond. A fervent, anecdotal memoir infused with heart, compass i on, and a natural love for animals on every page. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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