by Lawson, Mike

"With his reputation permanently marred by an insider trading conviction, Jamison Maddox, a young Wall Street broker, reluctantly takes a job with Drexler Limited in sleepy Redemption, Illinois. Drexler Limited is run with an iron fist by a man named Claud Drexler, who tells Jamison that the company mostly does financial research for select clients. Jamison is surprised that an outfit that merely does corporate research has such elaborate security measures and that there's an information firewall betweenthe lower-level employees like him and the company's managers; he's not even allowed to know the names of the clients he's supposedly doing research for. When he falls in love with a beautiful and enigmatic colleague, Gillian Lang, one of Claud's most trusted employees, he learns that Drexler Limited is engaged in wide-ranging illegal activities. So, when Gillian asks him to run away with her so she can be free of Claud and her cold-hearted husband, he agrees despite her warning that their lives will be danger. And about this, Gillian is telling the truth. A trio of well-trained killers pursues them across the country with the single-minded goal of silencing them forever. But Jamison has no idea that his lover, a stunning woman shrouded in mystery, is asdangerous as the people he's running from, nor does he understand her true relationship to Claud Drexler or what Drexler Limited really does"-

Mike Lawson is a former senior civilian executive for the U.S. Navy. He is the author of fifteen novels starring Joe DeMarco and three novels with his protagonist Kay Hamilton.

Lawson takes a break from his Joe DeMarco series to offer this propulsive stand-alone. Jamison Maddox, a disgraced Wall Street broker, has no chance of landing another high-paying job in New York after being convicted of insider training. Determined to start over, he accepts a job as a researcher for a mysterious, family-owned firm in Redemption, Illinois, at a lowly salary (for him) of $120,000 per year. It's a bit of a bore-the job and the backwater town-but he does the work, keeping a low profile until his clients start dying in suspicious accidents, and he begins an affair with his boss' wife, Gillian. Suddenly, life in Redemption seems neither boring nor redemptive. As he gradually learns more about the firm's hidden agenda, he decides to leave, but only if Gillian accompanies him. No easy trick, given that she has family connections. The similarity to Grisham's The Firm is evident from the outset, but Lawson plays several unexpected and beguiling tunes against that familiar chord structure. A clever and suspenseful thriller starring a seemingly naive hero who turns out to be more than a little resourceful. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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