Lying Club
by Ward, Annie

Their fates bound by an elite private school's handsome, charming assistant athletic director, three very different woman, after the unimaginable happens, find jealously between mothers and daughters, rival lovers and the haves and have-nots tearing apart their lives and their affluent town. Simultaneous. 100,000 first printing.

Ward, author of Beautiful Bad (2019), returns with a dark and disturbing sophomore thriller. After moving to Falcon Valley, Colorado, to help her brother recuperate from an accident, Natalie Bellman takes a job as an administrative assistant at Falcon Academy. At this private school for the wealthy elite, secrets, scandals, and controversy run rampant. She befriends Asha and Brooke, soccer moms with marital troubles who are struggling to parent the team's star players. Meanwhile, Natalie falls for the soccer coach, Nicholas Maguire, whose shady behavior has her questioning his true intentions. After he is brutally attacked, the police name Natalie as a suspect. Is she responsible? She can't remember! This mystery, steeped in the dark side of academia, explores the abuse, corruption, and cover-ups that exist in competitive sports as well as the predators who manipulate female athletes and their unsuspecting families. Those who do not acquiesce become scapegoats and victims. This book will likely appeal to readers who enjoy stories ripped from current headlines as well as to fans of Megan Abbott, Layne Fargo, Elizabeth Thomas, and Christopher Yates. Copyright 2022 Booklist Reviews.

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