Tear Me Apart
by Ellison, J. T.

A follow-up to Lie to Me follows the impact of years of deception on a family when a competitive skier's frightening diagnosis reveals that she is not her parents' biological child. Simultaneous. 250,000 first printing.

*Starred Review* Seventeen-year-old skiing phenom Mindy Wright's broken leg leads to a web of deceit and crime that spans decades. Blood work done after the compound fracture shows that Mindy has an aggressive form of leukemia. When chemo fails to help, a stem-cell transfer is considered Mindy's best hope, but DNA testing shows that neither her parents nor her mother's sister, Dr. Juliet Ryder, lab manager for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), are a match for her. Learning for the first time that Lauren had adopted Mindy privately, Juliet breaks CBI rules in her haste to find a donor match for her increasingly ill niece. The secrets that Lauren had kept from everyone are hinted at in interspersed letters from the 1990s, as Juliet's investigative work links to a still-unsolved 2000 murder case in which a woman was found dead in her home and her newborn baby vanished. As she spools out a fast-moving plot, Ellison also makes the case for treating depression like any physical disease. A compelling story with a moving message. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

While bed-bound in the hospital, an athletic young woman discovers the gruesome truth about her mother. This novel, a thriller set in 2018, is well-paced and creative. When Olympics-bound 17-year-old skier Mindy takes a fall on the slopes and brutally breaks her leg, it sets in motion a series of events that will forever change her family as she knows it. Running tests before conducting surgery on the broken leg, the doctors find that Mindy has cancer and will need a stem-cell transplant. When neither of her parents are a match for the procedure, not even genetically, the truth comes out—although in parts, slowly, and ever more incriminatingly. Mindy's mother, Lauren, is not who she has convinced her family she is, and even Lauren's sister, a blood-lab technician working for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, is shocked by what comes to light. When the lab finds Mindy's biological father, who has been living with the assumption that his daughter was kidnapped when hi s wife was brutally murdered 17 years ago, Lauren will go to great lengths to shield her secret and protect Mindy. The forward motion of the novel is intermittently interrupted by letters exchanged in the early 1990s between Vivian and Liesel, two unknown characters, which serves to heighten the thrill. Although the ending is somewhat predictable, the dialogue often trite, and the emotional exchanges simplistic, the action keeps the reader at attention. Ellison seems to want to shed light on problems of mental health and the terrible consequences that result when the emotional balance is neglected. An inventive thriller with a horrifying reveal and a happy ending. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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