Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers
by Ackerman, Sara

A tale set in World War II Hawaii follows the experiences of a woman struggling to repair her life in the aftermath of her husband's mysterious disappearance, a situation that is complicated by malicious local gossip, her husband's secret activities and growing suspicions that her daughter knows more than she admits. Original. A first novel. 80,000 first printing.

Ackerman's WWII novel is a close-up look at how wartime chaos affects a tight-knit group of women living on Hawaii in 1944 at the height of Pacific combat. As told through the eyes of Violet Iverson and her daughter Ella, the war touches the Iverson family in an unusual way: through the mysterious disappearance of Herman, Violet's husband. As Violet and Ella search for answers about Herman's disappearance, the ongoing war interrupts with new tensions. The residents of their once-sleepy Hawaiian community begin to turn on each other, divided by race when Japanese neighbors are sent to internment camps. The arrival of American soldiers brings even more activity, enforcing curfews and running drills on the island terrain. But some of the soldiers' disruptions are welcome, as families reunite and life is celebrated. One soldier in particular-handsome and earnest Sergeant Stone-presents the opportunity of new love for Violet. Her journey overcoming her trials and grief through friendship, family, and romance is a story of strength and perseverance. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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