One Perfect Summer
by Novak, Brenda

Discovering the existence of two siblings in the wake of a DNA test that was supposed to be a joke, Serenity meets her mysterious sisters before her search for answers becomes complicated by divorce and romantic politics. 10,000 first printing.

An ancestry test brings together three half-sisters to make connections with one another despite their differences. Investigative reporter Serenity had a perfect childhood in Northern California with devoted parents, but digging into the truth about her sisters could upend everything. Reagan is a New York executive who was raised by a high-powered single mother but has recently made a mistake that could derail her career and life. Lorelei grew up in foster care and is trying to be the perfect wife and mother to forget her troubled past, but her philandering husband has shattered her careful effort. The three women and Lorelei's young daughter spend an idyllic summer on Lake Tahoe. Prolific romance author Novak writes a sentimental novel about trust, family, and making amends. Though some plot twists and romantic interludes veer toward the soapy, the sisterly affection at the heart of this novel will make it resonate. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

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