Sisters by Choice
by Mallery, Susan

Three cousins navigate the joys and dramas of family life, including a former business owner struggling to adapt to small-town dynamics, an aspiring college student and a wife who must choose between her husband and her dreams. 10,000 first printing.

Mallery's fourth Blackberry Island novel features three cousins-Sophie, a cat supply entrepreneur; Kristine, a wife and mother; and Heather, a 20-year-old juggling multiple part-time jobs to support her mean, dysfunctional mother-who are reunited after Sophie's cat-toy business goes up in flames. While Sophie reopens her business and hires Heather to work for her, Kristine longs to establish her own bakery, but her insecure husband wants her to stay home to cook and clean. Sophie admits that she really is a bad boss, and realizes that if she can't learn from her employees, her business won't thrive. Kristine decides to use a small inheritance to go into business, a decision with painful repercussions. Sophie gets involved with gorgeous hunk Dugan, who teaches tai-chi on the beach, but their relationship founders when she discovers who he really is. And Heather wants to go to college but is thwarted by her selfish mother. Mallery portrays a trio of women relying on each other for support as they struggle to discover what they really want in life and how to get it. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

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