Under My Skin
by Unger, Lisa

Emerging from grief a year after her beloved husband's unsolved murder, a haunted widow has nightmares and blackouts before realizing she is trapped in a surreal game of cat and mouse. Hardcover Library Edition. By a New York Times best-selling author.

*Starred Review* Grief is disabling Poppy Lang nearly a year after her husband, Jack, was murdered on a predawn run in Central Park. She's taking a toxic mix of pills and alcohol to help her sleep, then having dreams that morph into nightmares and hallucinations, and she believes that she's being stalked by a man in a hoodie. When an orchid with a mystifying message is found in her apartment, she contacts the detective still working on Jack's case as well as Layla Van Santen, her closest friend, who, with her husband, Mac, and teenagers Izzy and Slade, are those closest to her. Doubting that Jack's killing was a random act, Poppy searches for a motive, as she also tries desperately to remember the four days immediately after Jack's funeral when she disappeared, leaving family and friends frantic, before suffering a nervous breakdown. Headstrong, she ignores advice to be wary of the sculptor she met in a bar and to disregard hallucinations of Jack warning her to let the past go. As Unger builds suspense, blurring the lines between dreams and reality, she considers how well one person can ever know another, as secrets abound. Another fine psychological thriller from a master of the genre. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

A young woman struggling with the aftermath of her husband's murder finds herself in escalating danger in this novel of psychological suspense. Unger (The Red Hunter, 2017, etc.) is adept at thrillers that turn on clever uses of point of view. Her 16th book is a worthy entry in the currently crowded field of unreliable-narrator mysteries. New Yorker Poppy Lang was devastated when her husband, Jack, was beaten to death during a run in Riverside Park. The couple ran a photography agency together, and the murder of likable Jack seems to be a random crime. A year later, the case is cold and Poppy is a hot mess. She has a new apartment, a solicitous therapist, supportive employees, and maybe a new romance. A determined police detective is still trying to solve Jack's murder. The posh Central Park West apartment where her nurturing best friend, Layla, lives with her hedge fund manager husband and their kids is Poppy's haven. But she's haunted by her inability to recall what happene d during her several days' disappearance just after Jack's death, by vivid nightmares that might be memories, by a figure in a hoodie who seems to be following her, and even on occasion by the apparition of Jack. Maybe it's grief, or PTSD, or the alarming amount of prescription drugs and wine she downs seeking "chemical slumber," but as her search for truth uncovers other crimes, she comes to doubt her judgment of almost everyone around her—and her own survival. Unger brings the reader along as her narrator's grip on reality is tested and keeps the twists coming in this standout thriller. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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