For Better and Worse
by Hunt, Margot

When extreme tensions in their marriage escalate to murder, Nat and Will Clarke are forced to navigate respective suspicions and hostility to survive the terrible things they have done. By the author of Best Friends Forever. Original.

Lawyers Natalie and Will Clarke's picture-perfect life falls apart when allegations of sexual abuse arise at their son's school. At first, the couple is merely speculative, perhaps even a little smug in judging the neighbors engaged in victim-blaming. Then they learn that their son is said to be one of the boys the school principal targeted, and their lives spiral out of control. Natalie is a defense attorney and knows how her son will be picked apart at trial if they come forward with what happened to him, but could she live with herself if their silence allowed this man to prey on other children? Natalie and Will once joked about the perfect crime in law school. Using what she knows about the mistakes her clients make, could Natalie kill the man who stole her son's innocence, and never pay the price? Can she trust Will to keep their secret? Hunt's latest (following Best Friends Forever, 2018) will please fans of psychological thrillers, especially those featuring unhinged, vengeance-seeking women. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

After planning the perfect murder on their first date decades before—theoretically, of course—a married couple find themselves testing just how foolproof their plan was. Natalie and Will Clarke met in law school and now, years later, are raising a spunky 11-year-old named Charlie in a small seaside Florida town. Will spends his days behind a desk doing real estate law while Natalie is always in court in her capacity as a defense attorney. Their marriage has lost a bit of its spark, and Natalie worries Will may be having an affair, but overall things are good. Tensions rise when the principal of Charlie's school, a former close friend of the Clarkes', is accused of molesting a child. Gossip swirls around town. It only hits home, however, when Charlie confesses to Natalie that he is also a victim. Aware of all the extra trauma and pain that Charlie will have to deal with if he makes an official statement, Natalie makes a decision that will change her family forever: The principal has to die. Hunt (Best Friends Forever, 2018) has concocted another thriller of small-town Florida life gone extra wrong. Each page races forward as the characters contend with different obstacles thrown in their ways, from pills to police to unfortunate phone calls. The narrative switches between Natalie and Will, which, though at first refreshing, gets old two-thirds of the way through since Natalie is the more compelling character. The question of whether they'll get caught or not permeates the book, as each revelation questions whether the Clarkes are still in the clear or if they're even on the same side. The end, when it comes, is unexpected and ominous, as is only proper. A twisty tale for fans of domestic thrillers. Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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