Cat Stole My Pants
by Pastis, Stephan

Visiting Florida while his mother and Doorman Dave are celebrating their improbable wedding, Timmy forges a new partnership with Dave's nephew, Emilio, to outmaneuver a surprise newcomer and a thieving six-toed cat.

Timmy Failure, world-class detective, is on the case even when on vacation.Timmy's mother and Doorman Dave may or may not have gotten married (Timmy fainted at the wedding and is still not convinced it actually occurred). The three are on a honeymoon trip to Key West, and Doorman Dave has brought along his nephew, Emilio Empanada, to keep Timmy company. As usual, mysteries flock to Timmy like murderous chickens to chicken feed. Someone is sending Timmy threatening notes, and his former partner, the imaginary polar bear Total, has scarpered for Cuba. Timmy enlists Emilio as an unpaid intern to assist with lighthouse infiltration, pirating, and book sales. Can Timmy and Emilio raise enough money to continue their investigations while avoiding the terror that lurks in the butterfly conservancy? Pastis' sixth wry and dry comic caper (again with chapter titles that will flit over the heads of the target audience, as they riff on Hemingway titles and old songs, as well as the egreg iously named Emilio Empanada) features a couple of real mysteries for the obstinately clueless Timmy Failure as well as a familial first: meeting his dad. Pastis' black-and-white cartoon illustrations on nearly every page are a goofy boon. Fans will be satisfied and look expectantly for Book 7. (Graphic/mystery hybrid. 7-11) Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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