Book of Pearl
by De Fombelle, Timothee; Ardizzone, Sarah (TRN); Gordon, Sam (TRN)

Part One A Passenger in the Storm
1 Far from the Kingdoms
2 Between My Tears
3 The Refuge
4 The Girl
5 Treasure
6 Small Ghosts
7 The Castaway
8 The Opening
9 Once Upon a Time
10 The Source of the Lake
11 Metamorphosis
12 Love
Part Two Keeping Grief Alive
13 Joshua Ilian Pearl
14 The Mermaid's Scale
15 Like a Little Snake
16 The Train
17 A Fleeting Glimpse
18 Flight
19 Under the Almond Trees
20 The Blue Slipper
21 Until the Fighting Is Over
22 Sorceress
23 In the Chamber
Part Three Lost Fragments from the Kingdoms
24 Bastille Day Ball
25 Memories
26 Old Before His Time
27 The Collection
28 Blood and Ruin
29 The Life of Olia
30 The First Book of Pearl
31 An Apparition
32 The Eternal Palace
33 The Last Archer

Trapped in a Parisian marshmallow shop on the eve of World War II, a youth who anticipates great romance in the fairy-tale homeworld from which he originates struggles to find the elements of his own story before his memory and love are lost forever. By the author of A Prince Without a Kingdom.

Timothée de Fombelle is a French playwright and the author of many books, including Toby Alone, Toby and the Secrets of the Tree, Vango, and A Prince Without a Kingdom. He lives with his family in Paris.

Sarah Ardizzone has won several awards for her translation work. She lives in London.

Sam Gordon is a freelance translator based in London.

*Starred Review* Once upon a time, there was an epic love story that took place in two worlds. One world was that of stories, in which a young prince named Ilian could fall in love with a beautiful girl, Olia, who was a fairy. Alas, it seemed they were not to live happily ever after, for Ilian's older brother was an evil king counseled by a genie who banished the prince to a second world, our world, the one we call "real." Unknown to Ilian, Olia was also banished to the real world but with a curse: if Ilian ever sees her, she will vanish forever. In the meantime, a second young man sees Olia and also falls in love with her, becoming part of her and Ilian's lives and growing up to chronicle the story of their incandescent love. French author de Fombelle, the actual chronicler, has created a hauntingly beautiful story that has the weight and imagination of classic fairy tales by the likes of Grimm and Perrault. Can curses be broken? Can lovers be reunited and return to their home world? Or are they doomed to remain in one where they will always be separated? The answers are slowly and tantalizing revealed in beautifully artful ways, proving that ours, too, can be a world of unforgettable stories. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

Exiled from the "land of fairy tales," a melancholy youth seeks to find his way back. In this richly textured, multilayered story, a prince named Iliån and a fairy named Oliå fall in love in the Kingdoms. Oliå renounces her magical powers to be with Iliån, but a malevolent genie banishes them with the condition Oliå never allow Iliån to see her. Arriving in Paris in 1936, Iliån remembers nothing. Sheltered by the proprietors of the Maison Pearl, Iliån's an amiable, mysterious youth plagued by "frenzies." A book of fairy tales unlocks his memories, triggering Iliån's quest to return to the Kingdoms and to Oliå; he's unaware she's secretly with him. Enlisting in the war, Iliån is captured by the Nazis and then escapes from a German prison camp, fights in the Resistance, and continues his quest, eventually retiring in seclusion with his collection of fairy-tale "tokens of proof." When a boy with a camera invades Iliån's privacy, Iliån sends him away, but 25 years later, the boy, now an adult writer, becomes the teller of this tale. Alternating storylines and narrators challenge and beguile, eventually merging into a masterfully interconnected tale in which compelling themes of revenge, love, and devotion transcend both the fairy world's fantasy and the realism of wartime Paris. A luminous, haunting, intriguingly intricate modern fairy tale. (Fantasy. 12-18) Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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