Ghost Ups Her Game
by Hart, Carolyn

"After a busy morning dispatching emissaries from Heaven's Department of Good Intentions to those in need, Bailey Ruth Raeburn is feeling flush with success. So when an urgent call for help comes through from her old hometown, she can't resist taking on the mission herself. With the shouted warning of her boss, Wiggins - "Irregular! Problematic!" - ringing in her ears, she arrives to face a shocking scene: Professor Iris Gallagher leaning over the corpse of her colleague Matt Lambert, the murder weapon clutched in her hand. With Wiggins breathing down her neck, and her old friend Police Chief Sam Cobb casting doubt on her every theory, Bailey Ruth must uncover the truth - or this could be the last trip to earth she's ever allowed to make"-

Grand Master of Mystery Carolyn Hart is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty novels of mystery and suspense, including the Death on Demand, Henrie O and Bailey Ruth series. Her books have won numerous prizes, including Agathas, Anthonys and Macavitys, and she has been personally honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award from Malice Domestic and the Ridley Pearson Award for significant contributions to the mystery field. One of the founding members of Sisters in Crime, Hart lives in Tulsa and enjoys the company of a sweet brown tabby.

The rebel of the Department of Good Intentions bypasses the rules once more to help those in need. Though Oklahoma-born Bailey Ruth Raeburn has often tried the patience of Wiggins, her heavenly boss, the redheaded rule breaker has a long and successful record of solving crimes back in her old hometown. Assigning herself the newest problem in Adelaide, she drops down from heaven to see Robert Blair and Iris Gallagher standing over a dead body. Iris is holding a homemade sap but denies killing fundraiser Matt Lambert. Robert ditches the murder weapon while Bailey Ruth converses with Iris, that rare person who can see her and admire her fashion sense. Since Iris refuses to call police chief Sam Cobb, who's worked with Bailey Ruth before, Bailey Ruth is forced to protect both Iris and Robert, a fledgling lawyer who's the boyfriend of Iris' daughter Gage, while researching Lambert, who, despite all the money he's raised for Goddard College, is not universally beloved. Aided by her ability to go anywhere unseen if she desires or appear to people and take on any persona that suit s the moment, she interviews everyone from Lambert's family to his girlfriend and business acquaintances. Despite all her tips and hints to the contrary, the police chief targets Iris. So Bailey Ruth must be extra creative this time in winkling out the killer. A charmer of a detective, a twisty mystery, and a feel-good story that's balm for our troubled times. Copyright Kirkus 2020 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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