Apollo Deception
by Silver, Mitch

Gary Stephens is brought into a government-sanctioned cover-up when he discovers that his father helped fake the Apollo 11 moon landing in the 1960s.

After China announce a space mission to place their own flag next to the one US astronauts planted during the Apollo 11 mission, few people bat an eyelid. Shortly after this statement Charlie Stephens, a 81-year-old former filmmaker, is murdered. The incident is made to look like an accident, but why?

Going through his father's effects, Gary Stephens - a director of beer and yogurt ads - discovers seven cans of old 35mm film. Dated before the landing, they're identical to the footage NASA claims was shot by the Apollo 11 crew. The US flag is not and has never been in the Sea of Tranquillity, and only Tricky Dick and a handful of others knew it.

Why was the real nature of the Apollo 11 mission kept hidden? And what measures will be taken to keep the secret buried?

Mitch Silver studied History at Yale and attended Harvard Law School before becoming a writer for several of the big New York ad agencies. He is the author of In Secret Service and The Book Worm, and lives with his wife Ellen in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Everything you knew about the moon landing whose 50th anniversary we just celebrated is wrong. No, wait, there's more. Yes, American technology in 1969 was indeed the envy of the world. But what it was used for, Silver (The Bookworm, 2018, etc.) cheekily reveals, was not to put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon but to produce a video simulation of the landing nobody could tell from the real thing. Now the announcement that the Chinese are about to launch a manned lunar mission of their own has NASA panicking. When the Chinese astronauts land and find no American flag in the Sea of Tranquility, they'll realize the whole mission was a fraud—and they'll be free to tell the whole world and, incidentally, to claim the moon for their own country. Gary Stephens, a director of TV commercials whose father, Charlie, was recently murdered by members of a dark conspiracy, is alerted to his father's participation in the "week-long reality TV show" that was Apollo 11 by NASA widow Chris Walsh, whose daughter, Robin, is one of the astronauts who's been hand-picked for the Dark Side mission 212;a covert last-minute moonshot whose goal is to plant a suitably weathered American flag in the alleged landing spot before the Chinese can get there. Readers whose eyes haven't glazed over at this outrageous premise, and even some whose eyes have, will be impressed by Silver's finesse in juggling endless time frames and counterplots and rewarded with an elaborate set of assassinations and double-crosses by the Chinese, the Russians, the Americans, and some enterprising freelancers that threaten to compromise the top-secret mission and continue after liftoff and even once the intrepid crew lands on the lunar surface. This fast-moving pipe dream could be the perfect airplane read, because you just never know. Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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