No One Goes Alone
by Larson, Erik; Rhind-Tutt, Julian (NRT)

"Pioneering psychologist William James leads an expedition to a remote isle in search of answers after a family inexplicably vanishes. Was the cause rooted in the physical world...or were there forces more paranormal and sinister at work?"-

Erik Larson is the author of six national bestsellers: The Splendid and the Vile, Dead Wake, In the Garden of Beasts, Thunderstruck, The Devil in the White City, and Isaac's Storm, which have collectively sold more than ten million copies. His books have been published in nearly twenty countries.

*Starred Review* As ghost stories are best told aloud, the author's first novel-an eerie, atmospheric, history- and science-infused, locked-room ghost story-is exclusively available as an audiobook. Fans who clamor for Larson's deep research into little-known facets of historical figures, calamities, and confluences will find much to enjoy in his fiction. In 1905, members of the Society for Psychical Research embark on a mission investigating disappearances on a small North Atlantic island. Was paranormal malfeasance at play, or does science have an answer? Josiah, the young wireless operator who narrates, remains open-minded. In an era of promise and progress, the characters on this desolate island expect a future in which the dawning illumination of understanding will shine on them all. How profoundly they are mistaken. Rhind-Tutt's is just the voice for the tale and a balm to new listeners. His English accent shifts tones to evoke a wide range of emotion and many personalities: the wry illusionist, the curious writer, the cautious seeker. The mission's American leader is voiced in a breathy, modern, middle-American accent. Larson narrates the author's note, explaining how he wove fact and fiction together, and why that was critical to executing his vision. A blockbuster production for audiobook fandom. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

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