Daughter of the Morning Star
by Johnson, Craig

"When Lolo Long's niece Jaya begins receiving death threats, Tribal Police Chief Long calls on Absaroka County Sheriff Walt Longmire along with Henry Standing Bear as lethal backup. Jaya "Longshot" Long is the phenom of the Lame Deer Lady Stars High School basketball team and is following in the steps of her older sister, who disappeared a year previously, a victim of the scourge of missing Native Woman in Indian Country. Lolo hopes that having Longmire involved might draw some public attention to the girl's plight, but with this maneuver she also inadvertently places the good sheriff in a one-on-one with the deadliest adversary he has ever faced in both this world and the next"-

The sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, has solved many an odd case, but none so odd as his search for a missing girl. Native American women have experienced extreme violence for years, many of them vanishing without a trace. So Walt Longmire isn't entirely surprised when a favor he's doing for Chief Lolo Long of the Cheyenne police leads him to a search for a missing teen. Jaya, Long's niece, is a star basketball player for Montana's Lame Deer Morning Stars high school who's gotten more than 20 notes threatening her life; her sister, Jeanie, is among the missing. Along with his friend Henry Standing Bear, Longmire realizes he must investigate Jeanie's disappearance to have any chance of helping Jaya, who has prodigious athletic talent but no team spirit. Jaya's mother is an alcoholic who's currently in the county jail, and her father, only recently out of jail, is involved with a White supremacy group that provides plenty of suspects. "It is not as unusual as you might think," Henry says. "Half-Natives go into the prison in Deer Lodge and come out indoctrinated." Longmire interviews the people who were with Jeanie when she vanished from a van that was stopped for repairs as well as others who might be connected to the case; the most surprising and useful information comes from Lyndon Iron Bull, a farmer who claims to have seen Jeanie some time later singing in a snowstorm. He introduces Longmire to the concept of the Wandering Without, a spiritual black hole that devours souls. Finding the concept fascinating, Longmire has his own encounter with something dangerous that can't be seen. A mysterious adventure that spotlights the horrific experiences of Native women whose abuse is often unseen and unreported. Copyright Kirkus 2021 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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