Shadowshaper Legacy
by Older, Daniel José

A war is brewing among the different Houses, some of Sierra's shadowshapers are still in jail, and the House of Shadow and Light has been getting threatening messages from whisper wraiths, and even though one spy was exposed Sierra is not quite sure who she can trust-but the deal with Death made by one of her ancestors has given her power, and she will need to control it and confront her family's past if she has any hope of saving the future.

Daniel Josť Older has always loved monsters, whether historical, prehistorical, or imaginary. His debut series for young adults, the Shadowshaper Cypher, has earned starred reviews, the International Latino Book Award, and New York Times Notable Book and NPR Best Book of the Year picks, among other accolades. His debut middle-grade series, Dactyl Hill Squad, was named to the New York Times Notable Book list and to the NPR and Washington Post Best Book of the Year lists, among others. He has worked as a bike messenger, a waiter, and a teacher, and was a New York City paramedic for ten years. Daniel splits his time between Brooklyn and New Orleans.

*Starred Review* Older knocks it out of the park with his thrilling conclusion to the Shadowshaper Cypher series. After the events of Shadowhouse Fall (2017), Sierra and her crew of shadowshapers have been split apart. On top of part of the crew sitting in jail, odd things begin happening to shadowshapers across Brooklyn, including threats, instances of stalking, and bizarre attacks from preternatural beings. Sierra realizes a war is coming that will embroil the four powerful houses and possibly destroy shadowshaper magic. While refusing to allow her loved ones to become casualties of the brewing war, protecting them will require a great sacrifice on Sierra's part, one that involves venturing to unknown places and the possibility of losing her way home. Shadowshaper Legacy stokes anticipation in the reader, sending twitching fingers from page to page until they reach the story's satisfying conclusion. Old and new characters provide additional resonance as they vividly spring to life, capturing readers' hearts in the process. Older excels at weaving timely issues into his urban fantasy, and this title shows Older at his best. Legacies, family ties, and confronting the mishaps of the past are all themes explored here, and young adult literature needs more books like it.HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: The conclusion to this best-selling and beloved series will have fans lining up yesterday. Stock up! Grades 8-11. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

Older (The Book of Lost Saints, 2019, etc.) brings the Shadowshaper Cypher to a close. Sierra Santiago is Lucera, Mistress of Shadows and Head of the House of Shadow and Light, and she and the other shadowshapers have been fighting the forces arrayed against them. It's been a month and a half since the events of Shadowhouse Fall (2017), when Sierra set up a rival magical house and stripped the head of her powers. In doing so she brought down an enemy...but by breaking a rule, she opened the door to other enemies. Separated into four parts, the book features folktale-esque interludes that chronicle the exploits of some of Sierra's magical ancestors. Throughout, Sierra's growth is obvious as she steps more fully into her leadership role as Lucera and grows to understand the complications of leadership. The narrative switches perspectives often, offering supporting characters, like Sierra's brother Juan and friends Tee and Izzy, a chance to be further developed and thus become more interesting to readers. Readers will appreciate the deeper dive into the mythology of shadowshapers and the Deck of Worlds, and though they may miss Sierra and her family and friends, they should be satisfied with this series closer. Sierra is Afro-Boricua, as is her family, and most of the other shadowshapers are people of color. Tee and Izzy are queer, and one of Sierra's ancestors was genderfluid. In a word: bueno. (map, Spread of Cards) (Fantasy. 14-adult) Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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