How to Light Your Dragon
by Lévy, Didier; Benaglia, Fred (ILT)

A frustrated dragon owner tries increasingly hilarious tricks to rekindle her dragon's reluctant flame, from a simple tickle session to a sneaky surprise involving unlit birthday candles.

Is your dragon flagging? Use this charming French import to put the spark back in your relationship. A young child wearing a pink homburg is faced with a bit of a pickle: Their dragon, a morose fellow with a bright red head and teal body with black polka dots, isn't breathing fire these days. "Not even the tiniest flicker of flame." Acting as a kind of guidebook, the second-person narration instructs the child on a multitude of possible cures. Have you given him "a good shake"? Bounced on his belly? Made him angry or jealous? When (much) silly trial and error yields bupkis, child informs the blaze-impeded reptile that no matter what, they'll "always love him." Elation finally fuels conflagration, and the dragon spurts a sheer rainbow of happy fire (his pleased owner merrily ducking for cover). Happily, the dragon does not suffer in the least from the protagonist's various forms of experimentation, looking, at worst, mildly perturbed. Though the text evokes instructional booklets, the art is a wild and wonderful amalgamation of bold colors and striking design. The typography almost steals the show with its marvelous variety. Yet it is the message to sit down and tell someone that they are loved that gives the book its true firepower. Inferno or no, this book's gentle call to show appreciation to others adroitly conveys its message. (Picture book. 4-7) Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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