Mortal Word
by Cogman, Genevieve

When a dragon is murdered at a peace conference, time-traveling librarian spy Irene must solve the case to keep the balance between order, chaos ... and the Library.

Genevieve Cogman is a freelance author, who has written for several role-playing game companies. She currently works for the NHS in England as a clinical classifications specialist. She is the author of The Invisible Library, The Masked City, The Burning Page, and The Lost Plot.

*Starred Review* Cogman's fourth Invisible Library novel (after The Lost Plot?, 2017) displays her delightful penchant for witty discourse, perplexing mystery, and ingenious uses of language to facilitate fantastic escapes. Irene Winters, librarian-in-residence in a multiverse of alternate earths, learns her employer, the enigmatic Library, is involved in an unprecedented event: mediating a covert peace conference between the dragons and the Fae, powerful agents of order and chaos. When a dragon delegate is murdered, the ever-so-clever Irene is called to assist her friend, the great detective Perrigen Vale, in the investigation. Working alongside dragon and Fae counterparts, the duo must find the elusive culprit as quickly as possible so the talks are not disrupted. Whether Irene will be helping to serve justice is another question. Trust is a priority, but Irene quickly discovers that all parties involved, dragons, Fae, and the Library, may be more interested in a cover-up if it leads the negotiations to a treaty. Complicating the situation even more for Irene, she cannot work directly with her former apprentice, the dragon prince Kai, frustrating her hopes of furthering their new romantic relationship. Tantalizing loose threads will have readers eager for the next installment. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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