by Francis, Felix

When a smartly dressed man dies in the hospital after being found unconscious at a local racetrack, doctor Chris Reynolds, a specialist struggling with mental health challenges, searches for the victim's identity and clues about what happened only to be targeted by a ruthless killer. By the author of Triple Crown.

Felix Francis, a graduate of London University, is an accomplished outdoorsman, marksman, and pilot who has assisted with the research of many of his father's novels. The co-author and author of numerous Dick Francis novels, most recently Triple Crown, he lives in England.

*Starred Review* Felix Francis, who once did research for his father Dick Francis' racing mysteries and then cowrote four of them before the elder Francis' death in 2010, has filled the family stable with more winners, including this one, his seventh solo venture. The title is wonderfully evocative of the story: A UK doctor initially tries to find a dying man's pulse; then investigates the man's death by getting close to the action on a pulse-pounding racecourse; and, through it all, tries to save her own life through her investigation. Chris Rankin, the first-person narrator, serves as senior ER physician in the Cheltenham General Hospital and also works as a doctor at Cheltenham Racecourse. After Dr. Rankin fails to revive a seemingly healthy, well-dressed man brought to the hospital after being discovered unconscious in a racecourse toilet stall, she slips into the depression and anxiety that have always dogged her. She has a desperate need to find out what or who killed the man and plunges herself into the racecourse world, variously trying to talk to jockeys who obviously know something but aren't saying, and sailing around the track in a Land Rover, repairing the bones and sometimes saving the lives of fallen jockeys. The suspense surrounding the man's death, the danger Dr. Rankin finds herself in, and her own desperate mental state all prove riveting throughout. Exciting at every turn. Copyright 2017 Booklist Reviews.

A female lead, ailing but remarkably strong, joins all the males, many with similar profiles, who've helmed the storied father-and-son horse-racing franchise (Triple Crown, 2016, etc.).Emergency room specialist Dr. Chris Rankin has always struggled with depression, anorexia, and panic attacks. So it's no surprise when she feels an attack coming on just as an unconscious man found in a lavatory cubicle at the Cheltenham Racecourse is wheeled into the ER at Cheltenham Hospital; he's suffering from an unidentified malady that's making his heart race at an unsustainable speed. No surprise, but certainly an inconvenience to all hands. Despite her own fluttering heart, Chris requests several tests and then orders a drug that will slow down the man's wildly beating heart. While she's tending to an accident victim, her patient dies, sending her into a spiral of guilt and depression. The cause of death is soon established—a massive cocaine overdose—but not the man's identi ty or the question of how the drug got into his system. Convinced that he was murdered, Chris, released from a stint in the local psychiatric hospital and struck by injured jockey Dick McGee's reaction to the anonymous victim's photograph while she's tending him as one of the racetrack's medical officers, makes a few casual inquiries. Then she makes a few more. Then she gets the first of several increasingly pointed warnings to quit asking questions. The warnings are seconded by the police, who find her interference annoying, and her husband, engineer Grant Rankin, who's deeply worried about her. Does she quit? She does not, though her first-person account of her increasingly perilous investigation into an elaborate spot-fixing scheme punctiliously telegraphs every nasty development in dire chapter endings that recall the glory days of Nancy Drew.Despite all the heavy-handed foreshadowing, an efficient, steadily absorbing suspenser guaranteed to draw in even fans who can't s t and horses. Copyright Kirkus 2017 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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