by Armstrong, Kelley

Returning home three years after her brother dies while committing a school shooting, Skye endeavors to reconnect with her former best friend, Jesse, whose own brother was among the victims of the tragedy. By the best-selling author of the Age of Legends series.

Kelley Armstrong is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Otherworld series, as well as the New York Times bestselling young adult trilogy Darkest Powers, the Darkness Rising trilogy, and the Nadia Stafford series. She lives in rural Ontario, Canada.

Skye Gilchrist doesn't expect a warm welcome when she moves back home. Not when three years ago her brother, Luka, was one of a group of shooters who opened fire at the high school. Skye's best friend, Jesse, lost his brother in the shooting, and a guilt-ridden Skye hasn't spoken to him since. Now Skye and Jesse are back at the same school, and despite the tragedy that links them, their old connection returns. At school, Skye faces harassment that ranges from schoolyard bullying to vicious threats. As the threats intensify, Skye and Jesse learn that they may not know the truth of what happened the day of the shooting, and that the killing may not be done. Skye's first-person narration alternates somewhat confusingly with Jesse's third-person, but Armstrong (Missing, 2017) deftly works suspense into the narrative. Family dynamics-Skye struggles with loving and missing Luka despite what he did, while Jesse navigates life as his Bengali American parents' only child-add depth, making this more than just a typical murder mystery. Grades 9-12. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

A sensitive treatment of high school shootings and their impact on families of both perpetrators and victims. Sixteen-year-old Skye Gilchrist is returning to her hometown three years after a deadly shooting. Her brother was one of the perpetrators, killed by police during the incident. In the subsequent fallout, her father abandoned the family, she and her mother left town to live with her grandmother, and her mother spiraled into depression. Moving home to live with her aunt and attend high school with classmates who were affected by her brother's actions is hard, especially since her former best friend and crush, Jesse Mandal, lost his brother, Jamil, in the shooting and isn't quite sure how to deal with Skye's reappearance. Shunned by peers and anonymously bullied online and in cruel pranks, Skye's concerns are dismissed by the grown-ups around her as attention-seeking. Jesse, a Bangladeshi-American Muslim boy, has his own challenges as he also tries to avoid school bullie s and overperforms in an attempt to comfort his parents and compensate for Jamil's death. Armstrong paints a refreshingly authentic and touching portrait of Jesse and his family as they deal with their grief. Alternating first-person accounts by Jesse and Skye build a compelling plot and well-developed characters. Skye and her family are white. A powerful thriller that will surprise you at every turn. (Thriller. 12-18) Copyright Kirkus 2018 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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