Hi Five
by Ide, Joe

A latest entry in the best-selling series that includes, Righteous and Wrecked, finds genius private investigator Isaiah Quintabe's efforts to build a quiet life with Grace challenged by unexpected new threats. 45,000 first printing.

Joe Ide grew up in South Central Los Angeles, where his favorite books were the Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories. He held a variety of different jobs - including Hollywood screenwriter - before writing IQ, his debut novel, which went on to win the Anthony, Macavity, and Shamus awards. Joe lives in Santa Monica, CA.

*Starred Review* Isaiah IQ Quintabe, the Sherlock Holmes of East Long Beach, usually winds up taking on two kinds of investigations: pro bono cases in which his friends from the neighborhood pay on the barter system, and the other, not-so-amiable kind, where serious bad guys threaten bodily harm, either to Isaiah or those closest to him, if he doesn't solve whatever seemingly inexplicable problem they face. This is that kind, and it's a doozy. The sleaziest of arms dealers, Angus Byrne, corrals Isaiah into finding the murderer of one of his associates (both of Isaiah's girlfriends, new and old, are at risk if he doesn't deliver). This is no everyday murder investigation: Angus' daughter, Christiana, is the likeliest suspect, but that's only the beginning-Christiana suffers from multiple personality disorder, and, while she was present when the murder took place, she and her four other personalities, also present, saw only pieces of what happened. Naturally, they all tell different stories. Usually, Ide walks the thin line between light and dark, playing off moments of caper-novel hilarity against outbursts of violence and the angst of misfired relationships, but this time angst wins by TKO. No matter. Ide goes dark with the skill of a noir master, leaving Isaiah in a very bad place and the reader gasping for breath. A stunning change of pace from one of crime fiction's new stars. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

Unlicensed, untrammeled, uncensored South Central shamus Isaiah Quintabe's fourth case could be his toughest—and not because it's so hard to figure out whodunit. Nobody says no to arms dealer Angus Byrne, and he certainly doesn't intend for IQ to be the first. So when East Long Beach's premiere unofficial investigator, who's been kidnapped and marched into the dealer's presence after declining an earlier invitation from his goons, indicates in no uncertain terms that no, he's not interested in clearing Angus' daughter, custom tailor Christiana Byrne, from suspicion of shooting Tyler Barnes, Angus' very best employee, Angus promptly turns up the heat, threatening to break the hand of IQ's girlfriend, violinist Stella McDaniels, if Christiana is so much as arrested for murder. Not enough pressure for you? Well, IQ's attachment to Stella is about to be seriously tested by the return of his lost love Grace Monarova, who took off for New Mexico with IQ's dog in the wake of his last adventure (Wrecked, 2018). And Christiana turns out to be not one but five suspects, including homebody Pearl, seductive Marlene, adolescent Jasper, and guardia n Bertrand, all fighting for attention and control inside Christiana's tormented psyche. Figuring out which of the five personalities witnessed which events on the night of the murder and which of them can remember and describe anything about what really happened would be a tall order for any sleuth. But although he isn't just any sleuth, IQ has to juggle a record number of subplots and distractions, from his buddy Thomas Kahill's sudden yearning for true love to the maneuvering of Angus' lieutenants for control of his arms empire to a series of increasingly intemperate skirmishes over a particular prize, a modern rendition of a Gatling gun. Mystery and detection compete with a gorgeous swarm of supercharged personalities on their own wild rides. Copyright Kirkus 2019 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

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