In a House of Lies
by Rankin, Ian

When the remains of a private investigator who went missing a decade earlier are discovered, Siobhan Clarke uncovers disturbing evidence implicating her mentor, Inspector Rebus.

Ian Rankin is a #1 international bestselling author. Winner of an Edgar Award and the recipient of a Gold Dagger for fiction and the Chandler-Fulbright Award, he lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife and their two sons.

Why has the body of a private investigator, Stuart Bloom, missing for years, finally turned up in the trunk of a car in an area that had already been searched by police? And why is Bloom handcuffed with what appear to be police-issue cuffs? None of this bodes well for the Edinburgh police, or for John Rebus, now retired from the force but who was actively involved in the original investigation of the PI's disappearance. Rankin once again finds a clever and believable way of getting Rebus back in the game. Here the still-crotchety but ever-so-slightly mellowed copper launches what amounts to his own investigation, in concert with former colleague Siobhan Clarke, into finding Bloom's murderer and seeing which of his fellow cops, including himself, may be implicated in a cover-up. Rankin expertly juggles multiple story lines while gradually giving more screen time to Clarke, who has emerged as a worthy series lead. Still, it's the presence of Rebus, in fine fighting form, that gives this tale its pop, especially in a concluding scene in which he uses some of his old tricks to extract a confession. Sometimes the old ways are still the best. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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