by Mctiernan, Dervla

After Maude's mother overdoses and her brother's body is found in a nearby river, Detective Cormac Reilly is pressured to arrest her for the deaths, but evidence emerges that points to an unexpected series of events that changes everything.

Dervla McTiernan was born in Ireland and now lives with her family in Australia, where she works for the Mental Health Commission. The Ruin is her first novel.

The ruin here is a decaying Galway, Ireland, mansion where an Anglo-Irish family is hanging on by a thread. An alcoholic single mother, who has long since run through her family's fortune, is drinking away her final days there while her young children, Maude and Jack, fend for themselves. As a new policeman, Cormac Reilly is sent to the home for what he believes is a "minor domestic"; instead, he finds the woman dead, and the children in squalor. Years later, the case comes back to haunt Reilly when Jack is found drowned. Jack's girlfriend, Aisling, and Maude believe Jack may have been murdered and push for a thorough investigation despite police insistence that Jack killed himself. The story that unfolds shows the worst of Irish society and its police force, and includes compelling, unexpected twists and a hold-your-breath standoff. Debut author McTiernan should find success with this start to a promising series. Hand this one to readers of Tana French and to police-procedural fans. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

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