House of Correction
by French, Nicci

Attempting to solve her own case from the confines of prison, a reclusive murder suspect from an English village uncovers evidence that calls her own sanity into question. By the best-selling authors of the Frieda Klein mysteries. Simultaneous. 50,000 first printing.

Tabitha Hardy, prone to depression, is having a bad day, but it gets significantly worse when the stabbed body of Stuart Rees is found in her shed. She didn't feel well that day and later remembers little about it, but she's charged with murder and jailed. Her attorney-angry that Tabitha had not disclosed either her history of depression or her past relationship with Rees, her former math teacher, who had sex with her when she was 15-urges Tabitha to plead guilty to manslaughter. But Tabitha, claiming innocence, fires the attorney, electing to represent herself. It's a daunting job, but it helps her case when she learns that Rees, portrayed as the heart and soul of the village, was actually widely disliked; still, Tabitha wants to identify the actual murderer and gets crucial help from her former cellmate. The writing team of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French delivers another winner (following The Living Room, 2019), combining an impeccably constructed, secrecy-prone English village with masterful plotting and an indefatigable protagonist who carries on, no matter the cost. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

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